Exclusive FIFA 12 Content With Season Ticket!

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EA SPORTS Season Ticket subscribers - here's what you're getting.
Season Ticket and FIFA 12

Early access to FIFA 12 is just the start for holders of an EA SPORTS Season Ticket.

As well as being able to download and play FIFA 12 days in advance of the game’s release, EA SPORTS Season Ticket subscribers will also be able to exclusively play the very first in-game EA SPORTS Football Club Challenge.

Season Ticket holders will be able to download FIFA 12 from 23th September at 6pm ET in North America on PS3 and Xbox 360, and in Europe on Xbox 360 from 6pm CET on 24 September.

Play The First EA SPORTS Football Club Challenge!

Ready and waiting for them once their download has completed will be the inaugural EAS FC Challenge. Take control of Chelsea during their recent match against Manchester United and attempt to rewrite history. The challenge: Come back from 3-1 down to record at least a draw.

This challenge will only be available until the game’s retail launch, so only Season Ticket holders will get to test themselves against it.

Success in the challenge will win gamers their first boost in personal XP, helping them get their FIFA 12 journey underway before anyone else and adding an early points bonus to their favourite team in the Support Your Club rankings. Even if that team is Manchester United.

There’s More!

That's not the only benefit for Season Ticket holders. They will also get free access to the great new features in Creation Centre for FIFA 12, which allows gamers to create their own players, teams and leagues for use in the game – including, for the first time, Career Mode. Find out more about Creation Centre here.

They will also benefit from a 20% discount on all downloadable content for FIFA 12 and a host of other EA SPORTS games. That includes all packs in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team! If you’re a returning Ultimate Team gamer, head over to the FUT Web app now to claim your free packs and get started.

How To Get EA SPORTS Season Ticket

Step 1: Install the EA SPORTS App, then launch it by selecting “Play Game” from your Game Library.

Season Ticket: Step 1 - Install the EA SPORTS App

Step 2: The EA SPORTS App counts down to the Early Release availability in real-time, starting seven days before retail availability. Note that the exact day and time varies per region.

Season Ticket: Step 2 - App counts down to the Early Release availability

Step 3: When the countdown timer reaches zero, the menu will update with a “Download” option. You will need to confirm the download from the Xbox 360 Guide.

Season Ticket: Step 3 - Menu will update with 'Download' option

Step 4: If you have not already purchased an EA SPORTS Season Ticket you will be prompted to purchase before you can download an Early Release game.

Season Ticket: Step 4 - Prompt to buy Season Ticket

Step 5: Once you have started the Early Release download, you can exit the EA SPORTS App without interrupting the download. Just don’t power off your Xbox 360 or disconnect from Xbox LIVE. Be aware that other actions (e.g. attempting to play a different game) might pause the download.

Season Ticket: Step 5  

Step 6: Once the Early Release finishes downloading you can launch it from your Game Library.

Season Ticket: Step 6 - Launch from Game Library

Step 7: Once an Early Release has been made available for download, the EA SPORTS App menu updates to count down the time remaining before that Early Release becomes unavailable for download.

Please Note:  Please note the large file size and expect your download to take the appropriate time to download (approximately five hours for most connections).

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