GamesCom 2012 Community Reporter Diary: Day Two - EA SPORTS FIFA 13



It’s day one of Dan Bendon's trip to Gamesom with EA and the 2012 Community Team and here’s what he got up to.

It’s day two of Ryan's trip to Gamesom with EA and the 2012 Community Team and here’s what he got up to.

Much of my time was devoted to two things- walking around the show floor, and getting some hands-on time with EA SPORTS FIFA 13. For more on aspects such as the new first touch system, details about career and the new Matchday features, be sure to check out my preview in the next few days.

However, to whet your appetites, I'll briefly outline some of the other new features that have been implemented to enhance the existing modes.

Beginning with the career mode, there's been a few noticeable changes, the largest of which is the International additions- you can now play for your country (if you perform well at club level) or get an offer to take an international vacancy if you're a consistent and successful domestic gaffer. Also, during match loading screens, the arena portions have been enhanced somewhat, with the addition of skill games that rank you and your friends. If you're a multiplayer fan, the tweaking of the head-to-head seasons and club gameplay in order to implement more titles and a season respectively are bound to appeal.

However, some of the most important changes have occurred within the very popular Ultimate Team mode. With a few tweaks for accessibility, such as an early match showcasing the importance and necessary things to consider in order to have, at your disposal, a strong ultimate team.

However, gameplay-wise for the veterans, the largest new addition is the Seasons mode. Featuring offline and offline career-style modes, Seasons were a much-requested feature, and they've now been added to EA SPORTS FIFA 13.

All in all, there's an array of changes that aim to make EA SPORTS FIFA 13 even better than last years stellar showing.

If you manage to visit Gamescom 2012, you'll be hard-placed to find a larger showing by one publisher than EA. There are, as always, impressive booths everywhere you look, but none of them seem to have a large amount of cars. The Need for Speed Most Wanted booth has 3 and another customised Marussia supercar emblazoned with the logo of Most Wanted. Add to this a very impressive SimCity chalk mural, which is seemingly being used to create stop motion art for the camera above and there's some extravagant exhibits to see in the Hall where Electronic Arts have taken pretty much an entire room to themselves.



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