Meet Our EA Community Team Taking Part In All The Fun At Gamescom 2013



It’s that time of the year again where we invite our community to take part in the fun that is Gamescom.

It’s that time of the year again where we invite our community to take part in the fun that is Gamescom.

We can’t take everyone so we have hand picked representatives that will share their experiences with you. They will be your eyes and ears on the ground with EA so if you have that Need for Speed question or a Battlefield 4 question then these are the guys that will be able to get the answers for you!

They will be interviewing the producers & development team who have taken time out to exclusively talk to us about upcoming games – so if you would like a specific questions answered get involved and send them to us.

Questions can be submitted direct to the guys (details below) or on: Twitter (tag with #eagc13)

You can also keep upto date with all of the latest content on our Battlefield Facebook and Need for Speed Facebook pages and for all of our latest trailers make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel. We also have a cool Instagram feed.

Last year we launched the ActionEArs podcast and we will be bringing it back this year - so if listening to pods is your thing then be sure to tune in.

We will also be giving away lots of cool prizes so make sure you are following us to take part!

Dan aka @EA_ActionMan.


Hello Ladies and Gents, my name is Jack and I'm better known on the interwebs as JackFrags!

You can find my youtube channel at // I am a variety gaming commentator with a primary focus on the Battlefield series - I started my channel the day Battlefield 3 was released after all! In the past I was a pro counter-strike player - I represented some of the top UK and EU teams for over 10 years including 4kings, team coolermaster, infused and also playing for my country in the ESL and Clanbase Nations competitions.

I pride myself on making quality gaming videos including montages, tutorials, songs (even though I'm a terrible singer), scripted action sequences, news and general tomfoolery.

I'm very much looking forward to attending Gamescom 2013 and getting my hands on all the latest games - Should be good fun! You can find him on Twitter as @JackFrags


I was never really the kind of girl who played dollies or dress-up. While other girls were falling in love with soap stars and boy bands, I was falling in love with gaming. I got lost in forests. I got my ass kicked in beat-em-ups. I had inappropriate dreams about sneaking suits, became obsessed with the gorgeously grim environments of evil towns and am still kind of addicted to instrument-shaped controllers.

I've grown up with a particular penchant for survival horror, but I'll turn my hand to pretty much anything. Does that mean I'm a 1337 pro gamer? Um, my kill/death ratio would suggest otherwise. But I firmly believe that you don't have to have 1337 skills (or even know what 1337 means) to have a legitimate perspective about video games. To me, it's my passion – or an obsession. Either word suffices.

I'm privileged enough to write about gaming full-time, and have weaved words for a myriad of places including, NowGamer and Ginx TV. My spiritual home, however, is GGSGamer, a site I established in 2009 for people seeking a snark-free perspective on video games news and reviews. I also founded - and still run - the world's biggest Silent Hill site/forum, which turned ten years old last year.

Yep, I really am that old...

Whilst I love music, video games, books and all things geek, other indulgences include Ben & Jerrys ice-cream (Cookie Dough, please), strong tea (made in a pot and not in the mug), gin (with tonic), chocolate (any way it's given), doctors (naked), talking too much, complaining and swearing profusely.

I'll be your eyes and ears at Gamescom, so if you have any questions or comments about this year's line-up, get in touch via Twitter (@_vixx) and/or message me on XBL/PSN/Steam (Vixxiie) and I'll do what I can!


I'm Vikkstar123, an 18 year old YouTube gaming commentator with over 400,000 fans. I've been running gaming YouTube channels for over 3 years.

Initially I posted Call Of Duty Gameplay, but recently have moved towards producing content from a wide variety of games.

I have recently completed my A-Level qualifications and am just beginning a gap year as a full time YouTuber. You can find out more about what I do by visiting my YouTube channels: Vikkstar123 and Vikkstar123HD.

You can follow me on Twitter @vikkstar123




Video game enthusiast Calvin Robinson founded GMA nominated website four years ago with a group of fellow University students on the Computer Games course at Westminster. is one of the fastest growing online publications in the UK. It is headed up by a team of committed and talented editors, with staff who each have a unique voice on the industry they love. Bringing news, previews and reviews as well as exciting features you won't find elsewhere such as the Hall of Fame, Geek in the Tubes and The Vault, with even more exciting content on the horizon. The team's key values are honesty, integrity and to always provide original content to its readers.

You can follow Calvin on Twitter during Gamescom @cr, and the whole GodisaGeek team @GodisaGeek.


Sam - TheStrippin
Hi, I'm Sam, otherwise known as Strippin on YouTube.

My passion lies in gaming and I host a Gaming News show on the popular channel The Yogscast to over 5million Subscribers weekly. On my own private channel I specialise in fast-paced gaming playthroughs and Vlogs.

I am eagerly awaiting the next generation of games! Feel free to check out my content at //

You can follow Sam on Twitter during Gamescom @thestrippin




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