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Julia Hardy brings us the latest SpawnPoint. The show where we show you stuff that we've seen this week that we thought was good.

On this week's Spawnpoint, Julia Hardy finds a new, very creative use for your humble table salt, checks out all the latest Mass Effect and Dragon Age fan-art, and sees how some fans took virtual reality one step further with a Battlefield 3 real life conquest. She also fights like a krogan, runs like a leopard, but let's be honest, she'll never be better than Commander Shepard... Don't feel too bad Jules, those are some mighty big space boots to fill.

The Promise by Ma-Rin [deviantART]

N7 Colours by Muju [deviantART]

Shepard by Conleysdoodles [Photobucket]

Art With Salt - Mass Effect 3 by bashirsultani [YouTube]

Dragon Age: Rising by Darantha [devaintART]

9 by GiveThemHorns [deviantART]

Battlefield 3: Conquest in Real Life by ThereIsaCanal [YouTube]

Battlefield 3 Cinematic: Damavand Danger by TheRoyalVegas [YouTube]

Commander Shepard by Miracle of Sound [YouTube]

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