Fuse: Lethal Teamwork - Who Is Overstrike 9?



When a volatile alien energy source called Fuse falls into the wrong hands, the CIA calls in an elite contact team to retrieve it: Overstrike 9! But who is Overstrike 9?

When a volatile alien energy source called Fuse falls into the wrong hands, the CIA calls in an elite contact team to retrieve it: Overstrike 9! But who is Overstrike 9?

Dalton Brooks

First up is Overstrike 9 squad leader Dalton Brooks, former Raven Sentinel, Dalton joined Overstrike 9 after a failed assassination attempt by his former employer. Despite his checkered past, Dalton is the de facto leader of the elite team of agents charged with tracking down and containing the Fuse compound.

Never one to hold back, Dalton’s answer to most problems is to come out swinging and figure it out after the bodies have hit the ground. He charges head first into most conflicts using his Magshield to catch and redirect enemy projectiles.

Dalton's preferred weapon of choice is the Magshield - which creates deployable cover using Fuse and a unique ferrofluid. The shield can be triggered to repel almost any projectile it traps in a powerful blast. It’s also handy for pushing forward into battle and clearing out enemies in the way. Shields can also be dropped for cover, enhancing Dalton Brooks’ prowess as a tank.

Naya Deveraux

Next up is Naya Deveraux, the stealth and AoE expert of the bunch. Overstrike recruited Naya because she is the daughter of Raven Captain Luther Deveraux. However, this former assassin and close-quarter-combat (CQC) specialist brings a new dimension to the team as well.

Naya’s weapon of choice is the Warp Rifle, which combines anti-matter with Fuse to create violent singularities to tear apart groups of enemies.

The weapon also allows her to cloak herself. Once she gets behind enemy lines, Naya’s stealth and CQC expertise are invaluable.

Naya's preferred weapon of choice is the Warp Rifle - which combines anti-matter with Fuse to create violent singularities. Groups of enemies can also be “painted” with shots that can create an even more powerful chain effect. The upgrade provides the user with a cloaking ability to aid in stealth assassinations and reviving downed teammates.

Jacob Kimble

Jacob Kimble is a former LAPD homicide detective whose idea of justice firmly sits in a moral grey area. Now he operates as the team’s long-range marksman and trap expert. Jacob Kimble is no stranger to violence and covert operations, he joined Overstrike 9 because he detested the bureaucratic nature of traditional law enforcement.

Armed with his Arcshot, Jacob can systematically pick apart enemies from a distance or create chaos by setting fiery traps of molten mercury. His Archsot fires high-velocity bolts armed with Fuse-augmented mercury.

The Arcshot is scoped to allow for long-range precision. Once bolts are released they can be charged to emit a fiery burst that liquifies enemies. Because of this, bolts can also be used to set traps on groups of enemies.

Isabelelle "Izzy" Sinclair

Izzy Sinclair isn’t really a people person. In fact, she’s lived out most of her life secluded as a hacker and intelligence broker. So, it might surprise you that she is the team’s support aficionado.

Izzy is an effective support operative, using her Shattergun to lift enemies from cover and tossing a Med Beacon to revive downed teammates. Her Shattergun uses compressed melanite rounds augmented with Fuse to encase enemies in living crystal.

Crystalising an enemy will also lift them up, making it perfect for pulling groups out of cover. A secondary fire deploys a Med Beacon that heals agents in battle even if they are not in your immediate vicinity.


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