Messi answers YOUR questions!

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 FIFA 13 cover star Messi answers your questions.

We joined FIFA 13 cover star Messi in Barcelona this week armed with a $250,000 donation to the Leo Messi Foundation and the very best questions from the FIFA community. Read on to see if Leo answered you!

Tom Gortler (Facebook)

Q: What would you say is your greatest achievement in football?

A: I don't know, I think my greatest achievement is winning all titles. I had the joy to celebrate winning La Liga, Champions League, Copa del Rey... I was lucky enough to win it all and I think those were my biggest successes

Jose Trejo (Facebook)

Q: Who is the person who inspired you to be who you are?

A: It’s my family. I think they are who made me as I am, especially my mom and my dad, and I am just a normal person like any other, very family oriented. I like to be at home and try to have a normal life, as I am.

Emmanuel Edet (Facebook)

Q: What is your favourite goal for Barcelona?

A: I don´t know, I think the header vs Manchester (Utd.), for the moment when it happened and the meaning of it. From all goals I can think of, I'll choose that one. It was certainly one of the most special ones.

Victor Frederiksen (Facebook)

Q: Do you play FIFA 13 in your spare time?

A: Yes, I do play when I can. Sometimes, when we get together in pre-match meetings, we play FIFA 13. If not, I try playing at home, so yes I do play FIFA.

Kaji Nah (Facebook)

Q: What would be your dream job if you were not a footballer?

A: I don´t know. I often said that if it had not been a footballer I don´t know what I would have done. I never thought of anything else but being a footballer. I always dreamed with this since I was a child, it was what I liked and I always fought for it.


Erfan Alam (Facebook)

Q: Besides football, what other sports do you like?

A: I like all kinds of sports. I like tennis, basketball... the truth is that I like all sports.

Kevin Borda (Facebook)

Q: What was your first goal for FC Barcelona and how did you celebrate?

A: The first goal was against Albacete, I think. It was after a pass from Ronaldinho. I had already scored one, but it got disallowed and I did score then the other one. I celebrated jumping in Ronaldinho's back and celebrated with him... It was a beautiful moment for me.

Mario Juarez Lopez (Facebook)

Q: Would you like your child Thiago to follow in your footsteps as footballer?

A: Well, he is just a newborn, and as any given dad, who has a child, I would love him to like and play football, but he will do what he wants. I will put not pressure on him. He will do what he likes the most.

Blocer Eerick (Facebook)

Q: Messi after finishing your football career do you want to become a coach?

A: I don't think so, no. It might happen that I change my mind some time later, but I don't think I would like to become a coach.

Angel Rojas (Facebook)

Q: What are your memories of your visit to Peru in 1997 in which you were still a kid playing with Newell's Old Boys and you got to play the Friendship Cup?

A: I remember the first day I got sick, I was feeling dizzy, I could not play the first game because I was too young, the hassle of travelling, everything really. We stayed at a family house and we were not used to stay anywhere else but home with my own family. I didn't really enjoy my first day there. But later, the tournament was a very nice one, we were lucky to win it, and had a great experience.

Wasker Fitero (Facebook)

Q: Which defense has been the most difficult to dribble?

A: I don't know. The truth is that many defenders have kept up with me, so no one in particular. There are lots of team defensive lines who don't cover you as a one-to-one but more covering the area or doing the defensive work altogether... There are great defenders out there, for sure, but I couldn't choose one in particular. I had many games where I could not dribble through the defence.

Ismael Monge (Facebook)

Q: What other hobbies do you have apart from football?

A: As I just said, I like to be at home with my family, I also take the time to play FIFA, play with the console. The truth is that we spend a lot of time travelling with the team, so when we're not away, I try to be at home and play.


Andres Colombiano (Facebook)

Q: Have you ever considered ending your career in Argentina?

A: I haven't thought about it that thoroughly. I think that moment is still far away from now and there are still many years to come until then. When I think about it, and as I've said many times before, I certainly would like to play in Argentina. It was my dream since I was a kid and I would like to make it happen before I retire. But I haven't given this too much thought yet.

David Elanganathan (@Arsenal4Life)

Q: Who are the best player you have faced playing FIFA 13 online?

A: I play FIFA online a lot and I have lost many matches, but I personally don´t know who I play against. There are very good FIFA players in the (FCB) dressing room. I have some team mates who play at similar level than me, but I mostly like to play online vs other gamers.

Q: As real football player?

A: I was lucky enough to play with great players like Ronaldinho, Deco, Eto'o, Xavi, Iniesta. I also played against others like Zidane, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos who for me were amazing.

Sam Routledge (@siempremadrid)

Q: Do you have any rituals before games?

A: No, I don´t do anything special. I get to the dressing room, I get changed and I wait for the match to start.

Leo Sjowall (@leosjowall)

Q: What kind of music do you listen to?

A: I listen to Argentinean music, a little bit of everything. I listen to Cumbia, Cuarteto and National Rock. The truth is that I listen to many styles of music.

Claudia Hazza (@claudiahazza)

Q: Are you good playing FIFA 13?

A: I think so. I manage myself pretty decently.

Dean Tucker (@2deantucker)

Q: What advice would you give to young players that admire you?

A: I think they should enjoy playing football, enjoy training, especially when you're a child and you have no pressure or responsibilities other than just enjoying football. For me is the most beautiful thing in the world.


Ziad el Ogail (@ziadelogail)

Q: Have you ever played a shoot on the goalmouth with your mates? Who has won?

A: I'm not sure if we've played shooting the corner post, but we often play shooting the crossbar, or we arrange free-kicks competitions, that kind of competitions. Sometimes I win, sometimes others do...

Q: Do you usually win?

A: Sometimes I do.

Ziad el Gendy (@ziadelgendy1)

Q: In the entire history of football, who would you have liked play with?

A: I don't know, really. I think I like playing with contemporary players. Playing alongside my current team mates, I think it's spectacular. Also former team mates I already mentioned (Ronaldinho, Deco, Eto'o...) and I'm very happy played with them. There are, obviously, some amazing players in the history of football, but I got to play in this in football history and I am very grateful for everything I experienced so far.

Darren Skalley (@DarrenSkalley96)

Q: If you played a 5v5 football match who would be on your team?

A: Choosing just 5 players I think is very hard. There are many great players for me having to choose just five. I would surely choose players from my team of my National Team.

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