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In this week's EA Update we give you the first part of an E3 2013 roundup.

In this week's EA Update we give you the first part of an E3 2013 roundup.

DICE have announced the production of a new Mirrors Edge game at EA's E3 Press conference. As for when it's coming out, the trailer simply said... when it's ready.
Mirror's Edge Announcement Teaser Trailer - Official E3 2013

The E3 DICE revelations didn't stop there, with a single player BF4 reveal featuring an aircraft carrier splitting into two whilst you're on it. They also announced the 'Second Assault' DLC which will feature four updated 'fan favourite' maps...
Battlefield 4: Official "Angry Sea" Single Player Gameplay Video

Popcap have revealed a new take on Plants Vs Zombies with Garden Warfare, a frostbite 3 powered third person shooter featuring PVZ inspired characters coming to the Xbox One < /br>Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare - Official E3 Reveal Trailer

Finally this Update, Ghost studios revealed how their new Need For Speed title Rivals won't feature seperate single and multiplayer modes, but will seemlessly mix the two working both offline and online.
Need for Speed Rivals | Cops Vs Racer Trailer (Official)



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