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This week, our friends at Mercedes Benz sent us a few choice pictures of two of Most Wanted’s most badass cars: the mighty SL65 AMG Black Series and the ultra-rare SLS AMG.

This week, our friends at Mercedes Benz sent us a few choice pictures of two of Most Wanted’s most badass cars: the mighty SL65 AMG Black Series and the ultra-rare SLS AMG.

And let’s be clear: we love these cars.

The SL65 is a Mercedes-Benz, so obviously it’s beautifully engineered, luxuriously finished and loaded with technology, but there’s something decidedly un-German about this car. It looks and feels like an American muscle car, a front-engine saloon with monstrous power, outrageous straight-line speed and unmistakably masculine features. Which is presumably why Mercedes chose to photograph around the Pacific Coast Highway and the streets of San Francisco.

The SL65 delivers the kind of performance, aggressive styling and enormous power that Most Wanted fans dream of.

The 6-liter twin-turbo V12 develops an astonishing 661 horsepower. The car’s able to unload as much as 1,200Nm of torque through the rear wheels. To keep things moderately sane, AMG engineers electronically limited the torque to 1,000Nm and 199 miles per hour!

The wide, low-slung looks are straight off the race track and defined by rear diffuser fins, flared wheel arches and massive air intakes reminiscent of the AMG’s DTM C-Class race heritage.

In Most Wanted, this car’s almost unstoppable in a straight line and potent in a fight, but it'll take all your skill to keep a lid on all that power in the tightly confined downtown areas of Fairhaven City.

Next up, the SLS AMG.

It’s hard to say which is cooler: the classic SLS styling defined by that loooooong bonnet and gullwing doors or the wicked AMG performance.

Let’s start with some stats. The SLS goes from 0-60 in 3.7 seconds and tops out at 197 miles per hour. It’s fast. The 6.3 liter V8 delivers immense power and a fantastic soundtrack at any speed. It’s perfectly balanced around the driver with a low center of gravity and perfectly balanced weight-distribution.

Drive at regular speeds, and it’s as comfortable as you’d expect from a Mercedes. Hit the gas hard, and you’ll quickly realise it has AMG blood coursing through its veins. So far, so awesome.

The styling’s inspired by the legendary 50’s SLS. You get a wide radiator grille, massive Mercedes badge, fins on the bonnet and wide flanks. Inside, there’s also a strong aviation vibe: all aircraft cockpit-inspired dash, wing-like structures and jet-shaped vents. It’s meticulously engineered.

In Most Wanted, it’s powerful but balanced, the ideal car for high speed drift. Its relatively light weight makes it a target for heavier, more durable cars, but they’ve got to catch you first!

While you turn on the power, knock the back end-out and drift your way to victory, you can take a moment to enjoy that classic styling.

Pick up a copy of Most Wanted to take these cars for a spin, race your friends, beat their records and get in spectacular cop chases.

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