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Play It With Origin Access: Darksiders III

Unleash your fury and take down the Seven Deadly Sins with Origin Access Premier.

After six years in purgatory, the Darksiders series is back with a new, ferocious warrior taking up the reigns. Fury, following her brothers War and Death as the third horse-person of the apocalypse, is the most sarcastic and least patient of her siblings. That’s good, because you’ve got an army of demons to tear through, and not much time to do it. Get cracking on your divine mission and play Darksiders III from THQ Nordic now with Origin Access Premier.

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Unleash Your Fury

Unlike her brothers, who fought for relatively noble goals in Darksiders and Darksiders II (finding out who kicked off the apocalypse early in War’s case while Death fought to restore his brother’s good name), Fury has no grand aspirations: she’s given a mission to kill the Seven Deadly Sins, and she takes it on for the fun of it. You’re given plenty of weapons to work with, but your best friend is the chain whip, which you’ll use to traverse the world and slay demons in equal measure.

Unlike previous installments in the series, the world is open from the start, letting you explore a huge environment in search of your targets. There’s no mini-map to guide you here, but you have a compass that alerts you when you’re closing in on a Sin, so the journey feels less like a series of stages and more like a real hunt.

You’re in for a Fight

Finding the Sins is only half the work, because they don’t go down easy. In fact, all of Fury’s opponents are forces to be reckoned with, and are much tougher than those her brothers encountered before. Fury can be overwhelmed by even low-level demons if she gets sloppy or takes on too many at once, so you’ll have to think carefully about each move and make sure every attack counts.

This goes double for your battles against the Sins, who all have unique abilities and brutal attack patterns that take concentration (and, let’s face it, a few tries) to best. Avarice, for instance, leaps out of harm’s way and flings objects at you from a distance, while Envy uses a ground-shaking ability that you have to carefully dodge. Battles test your mind and reflexes, and when the fine blood mist has cleared, you’ll feel like you’ve earned your victory.

Despite these changes, Darksiders III is still definitely a Darksiders game: exaggerated character designs, brutal action, and a grandiose conflict even the game itself mocks are all part of the series’ charm – and they’re here in spades. Fury herself ties everything together with a stubborn and ferocious personality that’s as uncompromising as the series itself. If you’re ready for a blast from the past that feels as perfectly over-the-top now as it did then, jump into Darksiders III with Origin Access Premier, and rain down hell.


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