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Play It with Origin Access: Hyper Light Drifter

Dash through an enigmatic 16-bit world with Origin Access.

Developer Heart Machine says that their latest game, Hyper Light Drifter, is “inspired by nightmares and dreams alike.” That’s easily the best way to describe this colorful and wordless 2D adventure, where little is explained and the world feels as wondrous as it does impossible to grasp. Even the way you fight feels dreamy, and that’s all part of the magic. See for yourself – Hyper Light Drifter is yours to play now with Origin Access.

You can play lots of fantastic games when you join Origin Access* – not just the latest and greatest EA titles. Origin Access is packed with over 160 games from EA and our partners around the world, and we get more every month. That’s a ton of things to play, and picking just one can be daunting task. So, each month we highlight some of our favorite titles so you know why you should be playing them right this second.

Take the First Step

After a short opening cutscene that leaves you with more questions than answers (Where did all these bodies come from? Did those terrifying titans just dissolve? What is this stuff I’m coughing up?), you’re dropped into derelict 16-bit world with no instructions or clues about where to go next. All you have is a sword and the ability to instantly dash short distances.

Hopefully you have an adventurous spirit, too, because that’s what will propel you forward into Hyper Light Drifter’s beautiful and mysterious world. Gorgeous landscapes and ethereal ruins litter your path, each hinting at a land with a storied past, and more than a few hiding traps that will bring your journey to a swift end. It’s up to you to piece together what this place is and used to be, and each new sight is so gorgeously rendered that you feel compelled to see what’s around the next bend, even if the answer is nastier than you hoped.

Dash into Battle

If you don’t plummet to your death at the next turn or get crushed by booby traps, you’re just as likely to find a vicious enemy waiting when you round the corner. That’s where your dash ability comes in handy: the Drifter isn’t particularly strong and only has a small arsenal to work with, so skillfully dodging enemy attacks is the key to victory.

Battles become a reflex-testing dance where you have to pick the perfect moment to dive in, attack, then dash back out again. The combat is so smooth and seamless that fights become as addictive as they are stressful, and you find yourself rushing into the next opportunity to tiptoe on the edge of death.

There are few answers to be had in Hyper Light Drifter. You won’t find detailed explanations waiting for you past the next trap, after a boss fight, or at the game’s end. Instead, you get a chance to spend time in this strange place, taking in its sights and sounds between absorbing battles. In the end, you get to decide what it means for yourself. Jump into Origin Access now, and start drifting through a dreamy adventure.


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