We all love video games, but some more than others. Meet one of the biggest Battlefield 1 fans around, StoneMountain64.

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We sat down with Battlefield 1 streamer StoneMountain64 to learn more about his passion for the game.

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I never really had a specific job I can remember wanting, and as I got older I was always worried about what I would end up doing because I really wasn't sure. I just knew a few things I didn't want to do, and worked hard in school to get through. Making content wasn't something I could have ever predicted on my path, but I'm extremely grateful to get to do it. 

Meet StoneMountain64: Battlefield streamer from Vancouver, WA


How did you start streaming?

I started by making videos to get into the gaming community. I bought a recording device for my console and five years later I've learned a lot. After many of my videos went viral on Facebook, I decided to start streaming there and pioneer a new front for content.

StoneMountain64 creating new Battlefield content.


What does your community mean to you?

My community to me means fun and entertainment. I've been an avid gamer my entire life and when I found there was a place online where people were talking about games, sharing gameplays and amazing moments it was a game-changer. It's amazing that without the power of TV and mainstream media we can create something organic and amazing as a community.


What are your favorite aspects of Battlefield?

Battlefield caught my attention because of its scale of battle. Fighting 32v32 on land, air and sea, while still keeping the game fast-paced got me hooked. I felt like I was stepping up my level of gameplay learning to master sniping with bullet drop and learning to dogfight while a whole war is raging below. 

Battlefield 1 in-game footage recorded by StoneMountain64.


Take us through a typical day. What are some of the things you do every day?

Every morning, I review community clips and edit together content for YouTube and some highlights for Facebook. I then get some lunch and start up my afternoon stream hanging out with the community and playing games. The remainder of the night is up in the air with more gaming, spending time with my wife, or sometimes even more content editing. 

I've had videos and ideas I thought would be great that failed, and ideas I thought were just decent that became big wins.

Is there anything you do that would surprise people?

It is not just games all day for me, there is a massive amount that goes into the editing and maintenance of the channel to keep the content flowing and improving. 


What types of videos do you like making the best?

Recently livestreaming has become my favorite. Getting the direct response and conversation in short stream formats has been a perfect blend for me. 


What advice would you give someone just starting out in streaming?

Everyone has their own formula, be yourself and be consist. I am still learning how I can improve my streams daily, re-watching content to see what parts were slow and how I could make it more entertaining.  There is no 1 correct way to go, so try new things. 

StoneMountain64 unboxing Battlefield 1: Dice Edition!


What are three tips that anyone can use to grow their community?

1. Stay consistent - If you don't have consistent content than people have no reason to subscribe/ follow/join a community.

2. Do something unique - If you're producing the same content or growing a community on the same basis as something that is already established, likely it will be difficult to grow through word of mouth because it isn't as special and shareable. Plus, the current community may not be interested in even more or the same. 

3. Innovate - Keep trying new things and taking risks with content because it's the only way to see what will work. I've had videos and ideas I thought would be great that failed, and ideas I thought were just decent that became big wins. 


What is something you wish you would have known when you were just starting out as a streamer?

That the intro is important and the viewer count isn't important.

When I first started, my intros were boring while I waited for people to tune in. Now as soon as I start the stream so does the action, even if only a few people are there. I don't look at the count and just focus on the content. 


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

To take advice and listen to people more successful than me. I still feel like I have a long way to go, but every day I am trying to improve and learn what I can from others.


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