SSX Community Question Session - Blog #2



With a lot of very passionate SSX fans eagerly awaiting the rebirth of the franchise, we know fans are always looking for new information as we’ve seen a ton of questions being asked.

With a lot of very passionate SSX fans eagerly awaiting the rebirth of the franchise, we know fans are always looking for new information as we’ve seen a ton of questions being asked. Taken directly from the questions you ask us on Facebook, we’ll select a set of questions each week and the SSX development team will answer them. Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the SSX Community Question Session! Remember you may see some questions you already know the answers to, but for every person who knows the answer, there are probably five or ten that don’t. That being said, here are this week’s questions:

1. Is the wing suit an option for all the characters or just Elise?
All characters can be equipped with any of the gear in the game. There are certain characters that will start with particular gear in the campaign mode, but we will not be restricting you in terms of what characters can wear what gear. If you want Mac to be flying across the crevices in Patagonia with a wing suit, you can do that.

2. Is skiing going to be in the game?
No, skiing will not be a part of this SSX. Skiing was actually a feature that was a part of our initial design plans, but it was something that we had to cut awhile back given our production timelines for the game. The problem with including skiing in the game is that we would have to create literally twice the number of carving, grinding and trick animations in the game - one set for snowboards and one set for skis. We felt that splitting our focus here would result in far less unique trick content, which is really important to our fans. We will likely look at skis as something to add in the future if the demand warrants it.

3. Will characters that didn’t make the cut be released as DLC?
Unfortunately, DLC is something we can’t talk about in too much detail while we are still making the disc based version of the game. As part of development, inevitably we have to cut things from the final product for various reasons – usually time. As such, we begin to generate a list of items that we hope to get into a future game or as part of DLC, so this is always somewhat of a moving target. We are also always listening to our fans so we know what you want, because nothing is more important to us than that. The decisions for what our final DLC plans look like won’t happen for awhile, and any official announcements we make about DLC will be made after the launch of SSX.

4. How will multiplayer work if I just want to play with my friends without ghosts?
That’s where Custom Global Events come in. In Custom Global Events, you can invite your friends to a private event on any drop in the SSX universe. These are incredibly simple to set up - you choose the event type, set your options, and then RiderNet will inform all of your friends that the event has been created and invite them to join. You can then ride together without having to worry about ghosts or anyone else dropping in. It’s just you, your friends and the mountain.

;5. When can we expect to see some more gameplay?
Soon. In all seriousness, we are working to pull together some new trailers and videos for SSX right now, but the process takes time. We are targeting the end of the month for our next gameplay trailer from SSX, but we will keep you guys posted. We want to show you some new stuff, and we still have tons of cool stuff to share, but need to make sure that the game is in a good place for us to capture new content without distracting the team from focusing on making the best game possible.


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