The Rockies And New Zealand Take Center Stage In SSX Demo



SSX Fans Can Challenge Their Friends’ Best Times & Scores in the Online & RiderNet Enabled Demo

SSX Fans Can Challenge Their Friends’ Best Times & Scores in the Online & RiderNet Enabled Demo

The SSX demo is coming and we’re so excited to finally get it into your hands!

When is it coming?:

Tuesday February 21st (XBL UK)

Wednesday February 22nd (PSN in UK)

The demo will be available until March 20, 2012 so be sure to download as soon as it’s available.

What game mode does the demo feature?

The online & RiderNet enabled demo will allow SSX fans to get a taste of one of the modes in the SSX online feature set – Explore Mode. Mimicking the Explore experience that will be in the full game, as players post race times and trick scores in the demo, ghosts of those runs will be uploaded to the SSX server. These ghosts are exact replicas of a player’s run, from the line that they took, to the tricks that they performed. RiderNet will recommend challenges as players take on their friends’ ghosts or let their own ghosts chalk up wins and losses, even while they’re away from their console.

What events can I play in the demo?

  • Two SSX tutorials featured in the full game: Skyboarding – an aerial tutorial where you learn the basic aerial controls and grabs as you freefall; and Ground Tutorial – a track designed to whip you into shape as you master jumps, grinds, spins, boost, combos and everything else that you’ll need as you attempt to defy reality!
  • Two unique events for SSX fans to experience: JT2, a race event in the Rockies and Bulldog, a trick event in New Zealand.
  • View the Online Producer Video Series: Explore + RiderNet; Global Events + Geotags

Who do I get to play as?

You’ll start off playing as Zoe Payne, but if you ‘Refer a Friend’ to the demo you’ll unlock Mac Fraser as a playable character.

Are there any other SSX features from the full game that I’ll be able to experience?

  • SSX Globe – Use the full google-earth inspired globe to navigate the Massive World
  • RiderNet – The SSX recommendation engine will be fully functioning and will recommend challenges to you
  • SSX Soundtrack – A few choice cuts from the full soundtrack will be available in the demo.

Why did you decide to feature Explore?

Glad you asked, here is SSX Creative Director, Todd Batty to answer that –

When crafting the online experience for this new SSX, we wanted to design something that took into account people's busy schedules and addressed the issue of not always having friends to play online with you at the same time” says Todd Batty, Creative Director, SSX. “The Explore game mode, which allows you to challenge your friends’ times and scores on your own schedule, is one part of that online design.”

Well then Mr. Batty, what’s the other part of the SSX online design that we’ll be able to experience in the full game? 

“The other half of the SSX online design, Global Events, is built around the idea of constant ongoing live tournaments against real people in real-time, with the added flexibility of letting you drop in and out at your convenience. We think that when any gamer gets their hands on SSX they are going to have a lot of fun with our modern take on this classic franchise.”


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