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Anthem is Now Available

It’s time to suit up, Freelancer! Find out what you need to know before you enter this chaotic world.

The wait is over, Anthem™ is here! But before you join the ranks of the lancers and venture out into this dangerous, chaotic world, check out our quick start guide below. It will walk you through everything from downloading the game to where to find information that will help you emerge victorious from battle.

Anthem Quick Start Guide

  1. How to Play on PC
  2. How to Play on Xbox One
  3. How to Play on PlayStation 4
  4. Discover the World of Anthem
  5. Tips and Tricks on How to Triumph

How to Play Anthem on PC

Join Origin Access Premier*

What is Origin Access Premier? It’s a game subscription service that lets you play EA titles first, gives you access to a huge collection of games you can play whenever you want, and a 10% discount on Origin digital purchases. As long as you’re a member, Anthem, Battlefield™ V, EA SPORTS™ FIFA 19, and more incredible games are yours to play.

Join Origin Access Basic*

Want to try Anthem before you buy? Become an Origin Access Basic member and you’ll get a 10-hour trial. That’s 10 full hours of flying, diving, and battling your way through missions and Strongholds. Then, if you decide to buy the game, you can use your  10% Origin Access member discount and your progress will carry over. You’ll also have access to an evolving collection of other games you can play as much as you want.

Purchase the Game

Just want to buy the game and dive right in? Head to the Anthem page and click the “Get the Game” button. You just need to decide which edition you’d prefer and start your download.

While your game’s downloading, we recommend that you take a look at our article on PC javelin controls here. These are just the default settings, you can (of course) customize yours however you’d like.

How to Play Anthem on Xbox One

Join EA Access*

Similar to Origin Access Basic, EA Access is a video gaming subscription that lets you play EA's best games as much as you want, exclusively on Xbox One. You’ll also be able to play a 10-hour trial of Anthem as soon as you join, and save 10% if you decide to buy it. Again, your progress will carry over to the full game.

Purchase the Game

If you’re already sold on the game and just want to start your adventure, all you need to do is to visit the Microsoft Store to make your purchase. A few quick clicks later and your download will be underway.

We recommend you take a look at our Xbox One controller guide here to start learning the basics before you head into battle.

How to Play Anthem on PlayStation 4

Purchase the Game

Start your Freelancer career after a short stop at the PlayStation Store. Once your Anthem download is underway, take a quick look at our PlayStation 4 controller guide to help you build your skill and ensure your success on missions.

The World of Anthem

Now that you’ve purchased the game or are able to play it through Origin Access or EA Access, and familiarized yourself with the game’s controls, what should you do next? We’d recommend getting to know the people, places, and threats you’ll be facing.

The world you’ll soon enter is a beautiful but violent place. For centuries humanity lived at its mercy, but all that changed with the creation of the Legion of Dawn. Led by General Helena Tarsis, they built the first javelins and protected the people from the chaos all around them. While they are now the stuff of legend, it’s Freelancers like you who will follow in their footsteps.

Your home in Anthem is Fort Tarsis, a fortified settlement where you’ll encounter faction agents, receive your contracts, and spend your time between missions. Get to know your crew, including veteran Freelancer Haluk, your cypher Faye, and the newest member, Owen. While they may not be suiting up alongside you, their assistance is vital in making sure that you fulfill your calling as a Freelancer.

You’ll face more than the natural dangers of this chaotic world, also, as a new threat is growing: the Dominion, a ferocious militaristic society in the mountainous North. The Monitor, a ruthless Dominion commander, claims to have discovered a way to control the world-changing power of the Anthem of Creation. If he succeeds, no one will be able to stand in his way. It’s up to you to stop him.

Your Guides to Triumph

If you want to give yourself the best chance to not only survive but thrive in the world of Anthem, we recommend spending some time with our Tips and Tricks guides. Each one will give you an overview of different aspects of the game, from javelin personalization to advanced combat.

And again, you can find detailed information on controllers for each platform here:

Watch the videos, read the blogs, and give yourself a head start on your fellow Freelancers.

Don’t forget to visit the Anthem news page for the latest announcements and information about the game. Have specific questions about the game? Check out the Anthem Community on the EA Answers HQ forums. You can join the discussion, share your fan creations, or find help for technical issues.

Anthem is available now in both Standard Edition and the Legion of Dawn Edition for Xbox One, PlayStation® 4, and PC. Play the full game with Origin Access Premier or try it first for 10 hours with EA Access or Origin Access Basic.

Make sure not to miss any of the latest info and sign up for the Anthem newsletter for all the latest Anthem news, updates, behind-the-scenes content, offers, and more (including other EA news, products, events, and promotions) by email.

Follow Anthem on Twitter and Instagram.

* CONDITIONS, LIMITATIONS AND EXCLUSIONS APPLY. SEE ea.com/ea-access/terms AND origin.com/store/origin-access/terms FOR DETAILS. 

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