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>> GENDER: Male
>> DOB: 25.2.2685
>> BIRTHPLACE: Hollygrove Children’s Hospital, Hollygrove, Gaea
>> FATHER’S NAME: Arthur Rutherford Nox
>> MOTHER’S NAME:  Katerina Ticacek Nox

>> AGE: 38 
>> OCCUPATION: Research Assistant, Humbert Labs, Zaldana City, Gaea  
>> IDENTIFIED BY: Katerina Ticacek Nox (mother)
>> PLACE OF DEATH: Humbert Labs, Zaldana City, Gaea 
>> CAUSE OF DEATH: Intra-alveolar hemorrhaging leading to a pulmonary edema
>> CITY AND PLANET OF DEATH: Zaldana City, Gaea 
>> PLACE OF DISPOSITION: GGTF, Zaldana Division, Zaldana City, Gaea

>> DNA recovered from the phalanges found at the scene matched Nox’s DNA. While Internal Affairs has been highly vigilant when it comes to this case, and I applaud them for their supervision of Officer Maldera’s investigation into Nox’s highly illegal activities right under the Task Force’s nose, I can assure all involved that in my expert opinion, the John Doe found at the scene is indeed Alexander Nox, suspect in the murder of Dr. Franklin Humbert. I am recommending this case be closed, per Order 53B-61X. 

Dr. Francisco Trejo, Senior Forensics Director, Gaea Global Task Force

>> While the decedent’s body was burned beyond recognition, simulations performed by the S-563 proved death occurred when a toxic inhalant lead to pulmonary edema and intra-alveolar hemorrhaging. The inhalant could not be identified, although it has a similar chemical composition to the toxic gas emitted by Scarabaeidae Arachnia, a large forest-dwelling spider found in the Amelia Mountain Range on Gaea.
>> Because of the unknown nature of the inhalant, and the decomposition of the body in the fire, we could not pinpoint time of death. Some of the cell decomposition suggests the decedent has been dead for weeks, but that directly contradicts findings from the other bodies collected at Humbert Labs, who had clear TODs based off various M.E. findings. 
>> Officer Victor Maldera requested confirmation that the decedent’s body was indeed Dr. Alexander Nox, currently wanted for the murder of Dr. Franklin Humbert. While the damage that occurred in the post-mortem explosion rendered the body almost unrecognizable, two fingers were found seven inches from the left hand of John Doe’s corpse, severed by the impact of the blast. DNA tests confirm they belonged to Dr. Alexander Nox. 
>> My recommendation is to declare Nox dead. At the request of the Gaea Global Task Force, a second consult was requested from their Senior Forensics Director. 

Dr. Tamara Griffin, Chief Medical Examiner, Zaldana City, Gaea

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