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Coming Soon: Season Resets & Season Rewards

The 1.3 update in January is bringing full Ranked Seasons gameplay to Rivals. Ranked Seasons are a way for players to always have goals to work towards, repeatedly earn rewards, and track their progress over time. Let’s dig into how they’ll work!

Ranked Seasons

What is a ranked season?

Ranked seasons gives players a month to gain as many medals as they can with both GDI and Nod in the core ranked PvP game mode. Afterwards, everyone will have their progress recorded in their profile, their medals reset, and will have the opportunity to compete and earn the rewards for reaching ranked divisions again in the new season.

How long is a season?

Seasons are roughly one month long and begin on the first Monday of a new month. The February 2019 Ranked Season will be the first season to begin with our new full seasonal behavior. 

How does a player qualify to participate in seasonal gameplay?

Players must reach the Bronze League with either GDI or Nod and play at least one game to qualify for seasons. If a player qualifies, they will have their season progress tracked in their player profile and be eligible for seasonal rewards.

How are players medals reset at the end of a season?

At the end of a season, all players will be reset back to Bronze 3, and then immediately gain bonus medals based on what division they reached in the previous season. Players earn +100 bonus medals for each Division they reached prior, giving them a head start in their new season.

What are the rewards for participating in a season?

At the start of a season, the rewards earned for reaching a ranked division are reset and can be earned again. If you immediately reach a new division because of the bonus medals earned from your progression in the previous season, you’ll automatically have those rewards waiting for you to collect right at the beginning of the season.

With seasons, ranked divisions now have two tiers of rewards. There is a high value reward earned the first time you ever reach a division amongst any season, and a baseline value you can repeatedly earn when you reach the division again in subsequent seasons. 

Tiberium Rank

In the spirit of competition, along with Ranked Season gameplay we are also making improvements for those of you who have reached the highest league with either GDI or Nod, the Tiberium League. With this update, when a player reaches the Tiberium League their global leaderboard position for that faction will be displayed directly on their League emblem. This gives players an easy way to track in real time how they’re doing against the other top players in the game and makes it a lot easier to see the impact of each game played.

We’re excited to introduce Ranked Seasons after the next update and want to hear your thoughts. Please give us your feedback on Discord and Reddit to help us improve the game even further.

  • Gasty, Sr. Game Designer

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