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Introducing Daily Bonus and Boosts

There are several ways to gain the Credits and XP you need to unlock and level up units. Sometimes though, you can battle and not earn any Credits. In Update 1.5, we’re introducing ways for players to earn the Credits and XP that you need, no matter how many battles you play.

Daily Bonus

Everyone has a different play style. Some play a few matches each day while others may play for long stretches at a time. We want to encourage all playstyles, while ensuring that those who only play a few matches can still earn Credits and XP to progress. We’re introducing a Daily Bonus, where players can earn the bulk of their XP and Credits in the first 10 daily matches. With the addition of the Daily Bonus, there is no longer a separate Daily XP Bonus.

The Daily Bonus grants you 1,000 XP for the first 10 matches of the day. You will continue to earn a lower amount of XP after you have completed your first 10 battles.

All battles will have a baseline Credit value. This baseline value is approximately half of the value before Update 1.5; however, you will be able to earn it for every match that you win. The Daily Bonus will double the amount of Credits earned for the first 10 battles each day. When this change happens in Update 1.5, you should earn the same amount of Credits for the first 10 battles, then receive the baseline value for each additional match you play that day.

New Baseline Credit Values earned per battle. These values are doubled while under the effect of the Daily Bonus (first 10 battles each day):

  • Players level 1 - 8: 25 Credits
  • Players level 9 - 60: 50 Credits


Boosts are a new type of consumable resource we are adding in this update. Boosts apply bonus effects to the end of every battle for a limited number of battles. In your league progression screen for both GDI and Nod, you will now see a Boosts tray above the Battle button. The collapsed tray will tell you how many boosted battles you have remaining. Tapping on this tray brings up the Boosts menu, where you can see all active boosts. You can tap each boost to see its exact effect.  

In this update, Boosts can be both earned and purchased with Diamonds. Visit the Resources tab of the Store to see available boosts. You cannot have two of the same exact boosts active at any one time but acquiring or purchasing multiple boosts of the same type stack based on number of battles. For example, if you have purchased an Advanced Credits Boost, and have played 6 battles today, you have 24 more battles boosted by the Advanced Credits Boost. Acquiring or purchasing another (which lasts 30 battles), will increase the remaining charges of the previous Advanced Credits Boost to 54, instead of simultaneously applying the effects of two Advanced Credits Boosts.

With the release of Boosts, we are launching two types of boosts (XP and Credits), each with 3 levels of magnitude (Basic, Standard, and Advanced).  Below outlines the exact parameters of each boost:

Boost Type

Effect per Battle



Basic Credits Boost

50 extra Credits

30 battles

Event Reward

Standard Credits Boost

225 extra Credits

30 battles

Event Reward

Advanced Credits Boost

1000 extra Credits

30 battles

Purchase in Store for Diamonds

Event Reward

Basic XP Boost

300 extra XP

30 battles

Event Reward

Standard XP Boost

700 extra XP

30 battles

Event Reward

Advanced XP Boost

4000 extra XP

30 battles

Purchase in Store for Diamonds

Event Reward

We’re excited to offer daily bonuses for XP and Credits and introduce the boost system. We’d love to hear your feedback on these upcoming features on Discord and Reddit.

  • TheCourtJester, Rivals Sr. Product Manager

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