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New Unit Showcase: Meet Phantom & A.P.C

In this “New Unit Showcase,” we introduce GDI’s A.P.C and Nod’s Phantom — two units capable of changing the flow of the battle. Read on for details, tips and counters ...


This mobile air unit deals massive burst damage and slows down enemy aircraft. Nod’s Phantom air superiority fighter was developed as a response to GDI’s increasing aerial dominance. The Phantom’s missiles employ charged particle EMP generators, slowing down enemy aircraft and making their escape virtually impossible.


  •  Faction: Brotherhood of Nod
  • Building: Air Tower
  • Rarity: Rare Aircraft
  • Unlocks at Player Level 10

Phantom Unlock Stats

Deployment Tips:

Phantom pilots are trained to use the Phantom’s speed and EMP weaponry to engage in hit-and-run tactics against enemy aircraft. It is not recommended to engage in extended slug-fests against heavy GDI aircraft like the Hammerhead.


  • Attack Bikes & Pitbull (fast ground units)
  • Hammerhead (anti-air air unit)


The Phantom is extremely mobile and relies on burst damage, so isn’t equipped for sustained fights. Send fast ground units to chase down and destroy the Phantom. Alternatively, use brawling anti-air air units like the Hammerhead that the Phantom can’t quickly destroy.


From the Devs:

“The Phantom is intended to help the competitiveness of Nod air strats and allow Nod a more direct counter to end game enemy air units.” -MrBlack

Shift in design midway through unit production


With high health and carrying a Missile Squad, the A.P.C. is perfect for holding key positions. The humble GDI A.P.C. Mk III is not the flashiest unit in the GDI arsenal, but its advanced crew safety systems make it a favorite of GDI infantry units across the globe. GDI Missile Squads transported by the A.P.C. routinely survive the destruction of the vehicle and continue fighting in its place.



  • Faction: GDI
  • Building: War Factory
  • Rarity: Epic Vehicle
  • Unlocks at Player Level 7

A.P.C. Unlock Stats

Deployment Tips:

A.P.C.’s are known for their durability in combat and ability to deliver Missile Squads to the front. Their high HP makes them extremely valuable for holding key positions and stalling out missiles.


  • Predator tank & Scorpion (anti-vehicle units)
  • Riflemen, Militants (anti-infantry units)


The A.P.C packs a powerful one-two punch, so be ready to take out the A.P.C and Missile Squad. Destroy the A.P.C vehicle with anti-vehicle ground units. Once destroyed, send in your anti-infantry units to eliminate the Missile Squad that remains.


From the Devs:

“The A.P.C. is our first attempt at a high HP, low DPS unit that is primarily useful for holding points. The Missile Squad it spawns upon death means it’s very challenging to remove the A.P.C. completely from the map.” -MrBlack

Original 3D concept model

We Want Your Feedback:

We’ll be aggressively tweaking and tuning all units ahead of worldwide launch, and this is a great chance to have a real impact on the game! Play the latest update now and tell us what you think of the new units on Twitter and Discord.

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