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New Unit Showcase: Mutant Marauder

This week, we introduce Nod Mutant Marauders, Forgotten mercenaries fighting for the Brotherhood of Nod. Read on for tips, tricks and counters to master this new unit.


Forgotten mercenaries armed with jury-rigged weapons from reclaimed Obelisk technology

Mutant Marauders are hulking mercenaries that have been ravaged by Tiberium mutation. The largest type of Forgotten mutants, the Marauders’ super strength and size allows them to wield powerful improvised laser weapons built from scavenged Obelisk parts.


  • Faction: Nod
  • Building: Hand of Nod
  • Rarity: Common
  • Tiberium Cost: 60
  • Unlocks at Player Level 35

Deployment Tips:

Use this high-health infantry squad to make quick work of your enemy’s ground vehicles. Mutant Marauders are tanky enough to absorb some enemy fire while dishing out the damage to vehicles. Lacking the ability to target aircraft, these mercenaries’ function best when paired with anti-air units such as Laser Squad, Attack Bikes or Banshees.

Send two Marauder squads against heavier vehicles such as the Centurion or Titan. The extra damage is beneficial when fighting high health units and the enemy will only be able to attack one Marauder squad at a time.


  • Talon, Venom, Inferno
  • Confessor, Shockwave Trooper

Mutant Marauders are weak against infantry and melt against Confessors or Shockwave Troopers. Overwhelm the Marauders with numbers when using Riflemen or Militants, as the relatively low damage output from one infantry unit won’t be enough to defeat them.

Aircraft are a definite hard counter to Mutant Marauders, with a Talon or Venom easily able to destroy a lone unit.. Inferno’s bomb will exterminate enemy Marauders and the resultant fire will also damage any ground units that cross its path.

Early Concept Art


From the Devs:

“Like the Grenadiers, the Marauders are intended to give players more options with higher tier anti-vehicle infantry.” - KyleF

We Want Your Feedback: We’ll be aggressively tweaking and tuning all units, and this is a great chance to have a real impact on the game! Tell us what you think of the new units on Twitter and Discord.

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