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New Unit Showcase: War Dogs & Widowmaker

In this Showcase we introduce GDI’s War Dogs, perfect as a War Factory opener, and Nod’s Widowmaker, a devastating Temple of Nod unit. Read on for tips, tricks, and counters to master these new units.


A squad of autonomous anti-infantry vehicles.

GDI War Dogs are an evolution of a quadrupedal chassis that was built for a 1/200th scale prototype of the Mammoth Mk. II walker. Although that chassis design was unworkable at Mammoth scale, GDI scientists found it to be an excellent platform on which to build a light autonomous scout vehicle.


  • Faction: GDI
  • Building: War Factory
  • Rarity: Common
  • Tiberium Cost: 10

War Dogs Info Card

Deployment Tips:

Fast moving and inexpensive, they are great for early scouting and quick point captures. As a squad, their attack power decreases each time one dies, so be careful in extended conflicts with more powerful units.


  • Attack Bikes, Pitbull
  • Orca, Banshee

As an alternate opening unit, take care sending Missile Squads or Laser Squads against the War Dogs. Strong against infantry, the War Dogs can easily take on these anti-vehicle infantry units. Utilize anti-vehicle ground or air units to take down the War Dogs.

From The Devs:

“Like the Drone Swarm, the War Dogs are intended to give an additional opener option to GDI players. The squad mechanic makes them efficient and deadly.” - MrBlack


Decimate enemies with dual flame-throwers and an abdomen-mounted missile battery

The Widowmaker is designed to defend high cost Temple units from infantry and airborne threats. Its fearsome looks are backed up by a dual flame-thrower and an abdomen mounted missile battery. The Widowmaker went through many iterations but the final arachnidian design was selected by Gideon Raveshaw himself for its “sense of style and class.”


  • Faction: Nod
  • Building: Temple of Nod
  • Rarity: Common
  • Tiberium Cost: 80

Widowmaker Info Card

Deployment Tips:

Like GDI’s Wolverine, the Widowmaker is great for defending your expensive Temple units from infantry and airborne threats. Send them out to distract and engage units, allowing your more powerful units to destroy the enemy. Be cautious around enemy vehicles, as the Widowmaker isn’t equipped to deal with them effectively. 


  • Predator, Scorpion, Juggernaut, Attack Bikes, Rockworm

Strong against both infantry and aircraft, use ground vehicles like the Predator or Scorpion tank to take down the Widowmaker, although more than one may be needed. Utilize heavy hitters like the Juggernaut or Rockworm to more effectively deal with enemy Widowmakers.

From The Devs:

“We wanted to add in a versatile, lower cost vehicle to help round out the Temple builds. We also felt it was important for the Temple to have a non-infantry based air defense unit.” - MrBlack

We Want Your Feedback: We’ll be aggressively tweaking and tuning all units, and this is a great chance to have a real impact on the game! Tell us what you think of the new units on Twitter and Discord.

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