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FIFA Mobile Chemistry Blog

Sometimes, football clubs are more than the sum of their parts. Talent matters, for sure, but players who get along and can anticipate each other’s movements can create a situation where they almost seem to be reading each other’s minds on the pitch.

Coming to the new season of FIFA Mobile, we will replicate those moments via our Chemistry feature. Long a favored feature of FUT on consoles, Chemistry rewards you for building teams of players from the same club, nation, league, or event.

When viewing your Starting 11, you’ll see a few new elements to the screen that represent Chemistry between players and the squad as a whole. First, Chemistry between players is represented by a line connecting two nearby players. Note that Chemistry is only available between players that are Elite in quality or higher.

Chemistry is shown on the screen by a colored line between players. Green indicates good Chemistry, grey indicates no Chemistry. Tapping on the “Chemistry View” toggle on the Starting 11 screen allows you to view exactly how much Chemistry you’re getting from every player in your Starting 11, and how players are interacting and helping each other from a Chemistry perspective. The numbers on the right of every player are the Chemistry given by that player to all linked players, while the numbers on the left represent the Chemistry received by this player from linked players.

Additionally, there is an indicator next to your team OVR that shows how much total Chemistry you have from all players in your Starting 11.

When on the pitch, Chemistry confers advantages in Vs Attack in the form of better chances and in other modes in the form of OVR boosts for your entire team. No matter what you’re doing in FIFA Mobile, having high Chemistry is going to be a positive for your team.

FIFA Mobile launches November 7th for iOS and Android devices. Read more about our gameplay updates here.

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