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FIFA Mobile Competitive Suite

If you’d like to learn more about how we’ve changed progression in FIFA Mobile, please read here: progression-blog.


From the beginning, FIFA Mobile has been a game dedicated to the lovers of the world’s game and those who want to compete at the highest level. With the upcoming season, we are taking that dedication to the next step with a brand-new competitive suite including a new way to play: Real-Time, Synchronous Head to Head vs another player in a full, 11-on-11 game.

This mode does not replace Vs Attack, but will offer players who want a longer, fuller football experience the option to do so. Both modes have reworked leaderboards and progression. Now, instead of being able to move up and down in division and having your progress reset on a fixed schedule, once you hit a division, you will stay in that division until you progress forward to the next one, regardless of a Head to Head or VSA season resetting.

As you progress into divisions, you will receive a one-time reward for every division promotion you achieve, as well as reward packs similar to last season of FIFA Mobile. Additionally, every win will award you a special pack (you can have up to 4 at a time) that opens after a fixed period of time.

If your progress through divisions doesn’t reset in every competitive season, you might be wondering what does. Once you reach the top level (FIFA Champion), you unlock the option to purchase our FIFA Premium Pass, which gives you unique rewards every time you reach a specific fan count throughout the competitive season. Once the season resets, your progress in FIFA Champion is also reset, and the chase begins anew. The FIFA Premium Pass can be purchased with Gems or FIFA Points, meaning it is possible to grind for access to the top rewards by engaging with other parts of the game as well.

We’d like to thank the hundreds of thousands of players who logged millions of hours playing our Beta this fall as it has been immensely helpful in making sure that we got Real-Time Head-to-Head to the level of quality that we’d like. However, please note that the device requirements for Real-Time Head-to-Head are higher than the base requirements for the game. Please review our device specifications update here (link: to get the most up-to-date information on whether or not your device will be supported. Also, please be aware that these specifications are subject to change as we monitor data from the game’s release. If we loosen the device specifications, we will update that page and will note this change on our official Twitter account:

FIFA Mobile is available November 7th on iOS and Google Play.

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