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Pitch Notes

FIFA Mobile Community,


We have heard your concerns around the latest season of FIFA Mobile, and just like you, want this to be the best game possible.


We recognize that we haven't been communicating well with you and keeping you informed around our priorities and initiatives.  We want to change that. We’re fortunate that we have so many passionate and enthusiastic fans all around the world and want to do better for you and for the game.


So, we are coming to you today with a renewed commitment to building the best football game in the world - working side by side with you, our community.


With that in mind, we’re excited to introduce the first of our new Pitch Notes for FIFA Mobile, and we plan to follow up regularly with updates to transparently communicate with you and speak in-depth on community concerns, game designs, and more. Additionally, we have opened a Twitter account located @FIFAMobileDev for our FIFA Mobile development team to speak directly with players, collect feedback and address player issues and concerns.


As part of our commitment to improve both the game and our communication, we are also working with key members of our community to create a list of important issues and improvements that matter most, along with discussing priorities and timelines for getting them addressed. With our new approach to development this year we’re aiming to push out regular updates with improvements more than we’ve been able to in the past and we will keep you looped into that process as we move forward.


Recently, we've made changes in an effort to improve aspects of the game that you've told us are important to you:

  • Reduce the impact that suspicious accounts can have in our head to head modes.
  • Continue to identify and remove suspicious accounts on Leaderboards so that they are reflective of the fairplay we all want preserved in the game.
  • Address disconnect issues in our Head to Head mode.


Next, we continue to focus on:

  • An update to improve the frustrations in Head to Head mode where players are able to waste time on the clock by backpassing to their teammates and goalkeeper to preserve a lead or tie.
  • Additional gameplay tuning and improvements to improve the on the pitch experience.
  • Continued focus on fair play, particularly in our head to head modes.


We will provide an update on these as soon as we are able.


Keep an eye on this space and at both our main Twitter account @EAFIFAMobile and @FIFAMobileDev for updates through the rest of the season where we’ll aim to give background and context to decisions made as it relates to game development in our continued efforts to make the FIFA Mobile you all deserve.  


Lastly, we want to thank you for your passion and your voice.  We all want to make this game the best it can be and are committed to doing that.




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