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FIFA Mobile R12.4 Pitch Notes

R12.4 Bug Fixes, Improvements and New Features


●     Fixed a number of crashes and overall stability issues of varying rarity.

●     Improvements made on certain teams so that Home kits would be selected more.

●     Fixed an issue where players being displayed are not consistent when entering back and forth into My Team and Player Swap screen while using the OVR filter.

●     Fixed an issue where the application does not fit properly on iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) and iPad Pro 11 (2018)

●     Fixed an issue where a red exclamation mark is displayed on the News Button even though there are no new updates. 

Head to Head:

●     Fixed an issue where rapidly tapping on the emotes during H2H will not lag or freeze during gameplay.

●     Fixed an issue in Head to Head game mode to make gestural swiping more precise.

●     Improvements made on desyncs and disconnects in matches.


Head To Head Time Wasting

In Head to head, time wasting has been a huge complaint among our users. This is when opponents that are in the lead or in a tie chooses to pass the ball between their goalkeeper and defenders for an extended period of time to preserve the outcome of the match until the clock winds down.


We have taken smaller measures in the past to try and address this, but nothing we’ve done has had a significant impact in reducing this frustrating playstyle. With this release, we have decided to try a more intrusive mechanic to the game, to encourage players to keep the ball moving forward and stay more authentic to the game of football.


As of 12.4, if you pass back to your goalkeeper or to defenders that are pressured by opponents, your players will automatically clear the ball up field. You’ll know this is happening because an exclamation point will appear over their head.


VS Attack Player Selection

It has been a common complaint that defensive positions are often chosen to be ball possessors and attackers in VS attack. While part of your team, these players may not be the strongest attackers that you would select for your scoring chances.


In 12.4, we put in a lot of logic to select more attacking players to be involved in the play in VS Attack. Now, you should see players like ST and CAMs  more involved in play, and fewer CB’s and CDM’s.


VS Attack and Formations

In season 2, the formation you chose influenced the content you’d get in VS attack. As of 12.4, we have brought this feature back.


Now, the choice of your formation is going to impact the kinds of attacking plays you get. We recommend that you try many new formations to feel which one plays the best for your team.


VS Attack Fouls, Free kicks, and End Conditions

In VS Attack, getting a foul that results in a far away free kick places you at a disadvantage as it wastes time on the clock. For this release, we added some logic to skip the free kick if it doesn’t place you in a good scoring opportunity.


We have also done some work to make VS Attack possessions end sooner in some conditions, such as when the ball is slowly rolling to the touch line. This should help players save those valuable seconds that can make or break a match.


Skill Move Success

The stun timer on defenders when doing skill moves is now a variable length based on the delta between the ball carrier’s DRB rating and the defender’s MRK rating, so a ball carrier can still have a chance to get past a defender even if his ratings are slightly lower than the defender.


Additional Gameplay Fixes

●     Players will move to trap the ball more aggressively in the attacking third (won't just stand and wait anymore)

●     Improved the accuracy of the dotted line when making passes

●     Fixed a bug where fake shots trigger too easily

●     Fixed a bug with players not attempting to head the ball

New Features:

●     Program Filter in Market - The long requested feature has arrived! Scroll to the end of the Player Search pop-up in the Market to find the Program Filter.


●     Instant Replay - Re-watch the last few seconds of gameplay in your offline matches and choose your favorite camera angles to showcase your best goals. Try it out now by accessing Instant Replay from the Pause menu.


●     Chemistry View in Player Swap - You can now check how a player you want to add to your lineup affects your Team Chemistry. We’ve added a Chemistry panel in Player Swap that displays the current player’s Chemistry stats and displays the Chemistry impact of another player when holding him on the swap slot.


To learn more tips, tricks and updates in the game, join the conversation and follow us on Twitter @FIFAMobileDev

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