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Plants vs. Zombies 2 Costume Party & Community Votes

Be the best dressed in the entire neighborhood with a variety of costumes, and we’re celebrating by throwing a party!

New costumes are coming to Plants vs Zombies 2 where you can dress up your plants using a variety of cosmetic costumes available in-game in the store. Keep an eye for even more costumes for plants everywhere coming soon.

To celebrate we’re hosting a poll on Twitter where you can vote for your favorite best-dressed plant. We always love hearing from you and it helps us for future development of Plants vs Zombies 2!

How to Participate

On Thursday, March 1 PDT, a poll on our Twitter will be available. All you need to do is select which plant you think is best dressed of the available choices, and click vote.


Poll voting will close on Monday, March 5 PDT and results will be tallied. The results will be announced and the plant costume with the most votes will become available in the store on Tuesday, March 6 PDT for 10 coins. Other costumes for that specific plant will also be available in the store.

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