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Level Up with Power Plants

Getting Seed Packets

How, you might ask? It’s easy! Power up your plants by collecting matching Seed Packets. For example, you can collect Guacodile Seed Packet to level your aquatic avocado acquaintance. Every plant will require a minimum number of Seed Packets to be eligible for an upgrade. 

Where do these Seed Packets come from? You’ll find them in new piñatas that can be earned by completing quests or from the in-game store. There are brand new quests added to the game that are faster to complete. They’ll also be playable again quickly, so make sure to check back several times each day for the opportunity to complete the quest again!

Piñatas can be world specific, such as the “Jurassic Marsh Piñata”, or attribute specific, like the “Fire Piñata.” Piñatas will contain Seed Packets for several plants, matching either the world that the plants came from or the attribute that they share, depending on which piñata you open. If you’re lucky, you may even get some special bonus Seed Packets!

Grow Your Plants

Once you’ve earned Seed Packets, just visit your Almanac or the Seed Chooser and hit the “Upgrade” button next to an eligible plant.. You'll know they're ready by having a full green bar and a green lightning bolt symbol. Once you’ve upgraded you’ll see your plant’s stats improve.

And best of all, the power that you gain from leveling your plants is permanent! If you upgrade Peashooter to level 5, every Peashooter that you plant will be level 5.

Why Are We Adding Power Plants?

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is a game for everyone! Our audience includes people of all ages and types, and adding Power Plants allows us to give you new ways to play the game and discover new strategies for your favorite plants.

Additionally, the Power Plants update lets us further what it means for a plant to be a part of your lineup. There’s a lot of plants in the game – over 100! – and Power Plants lets us help define the differences in their roles even further.

For example, look at the Potato Mine and the Primal Potato Mine. Currently, these plants are fairly similar. With the Power Plants release, the Potato Mine can improve its Plant Food ability, generating more Potato Mines than before, whereas the Primal version can focus on becoming more powerful. One becomes more effective at crowd control, the other gets better at taking down big foes. That’s just one example – there are tons of possibilities on how your favorites evolve and what new opportunities will become available.

Power Plants also allows players who have completed all worlds to return to the game and keep having fun upgrading plants and trying new strategies.

Perhaps most exciting of all: this is just the beginning! We have big plans to make Power Plants even bigger and better in the future, and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on the great new features we have in store. In the meantime, enjoy your Power Plants! There are few things as satisfying as mowing down a Gargantuar with a max level Peashooter!

The Zombies are going to think twice when you come at them with overwhelming flower-power.


John Stumme
Lead Game Designer

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