Luck o' the Zombie Begins in PvZ2

Coming with new Plant, new Epic Quests, and new levels!

Luck is on your side, PvZ Fans, because Luck o' the Zombie is on from now until March 23rd in Plants vs. Zombies 2. The Zombies are dressed for the occasion, and there's a ton of new stuff for you to enjoy, including an awesome new plant, the Caulipower!

New Plant: Caulipower

“Caulipower's eyes spin with distress. He's just thought of a really great ending for his novel, but he's afraid his cousin won't understand it.” — Almanac

This hypnotic new Plant has just arrived with Luck o' the Zombie, and he's ready to best the Zombies with his mind control powers. Caulipower uses that power to periodically target a random Zombie on the board, making it turn around to fight other Zombies. If you think that simple mind control already makes for a great trick, just wait until you use Plant Food on Caulipower. He'll fling Zombies off the board in a burst of telekinetic fury!

Leveling up Caulipower comes with some great benefits. The cooldown between mind control shots decreases, and it'll have a higher chance to target more powerful Zombies. The sun cost will be reduced, and its health will increase.

Other Features

That's not the only thing coming with this update. Take a look at some of the other new things you can check out:

  • Exciting new levels with extra-hungry zombies
  • More ways to earn piñatas and grow your plants
  • Additional Epic Quests for fabulous rewards

All of this is available now in Plants vs. Zombies 2. We'll see you in-game!

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