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More Wild West Levels, Epic Quests, and More

Get ready for more, and more challenging, rootin'-tootin' Wild West Zombies

In our latest update for Plants vs. Zombies 2, we've made Levels of the Day even crazier, Epic Quests more Epic, and the Wild West even more Wild! Check out the new additions, now available:

Get High Scores in All New Style of Level of the Day

In this update, we're introducing a new style of Level of the Day that was first introduced internally here at PopCap. We had such a fun time playing it that we worked hard on refining the experience, and build something that we think will feel very different, and very fun.

In these Levels of the Day, running from July 21st to the 23rd, you'll be tasked with beating a high score that you'll earn by rapidly, and strategically, defeating the Zombies you'll be facing off against. We can't wait to see just how high you'll get your score - and be sure to let us know on Twitter just how well you do!

Epic Quests of Epicly Scaling Challenge

Just how Epic can an Epic Quest get? You'll be in for a treat when you tackle these! With this update, we've introduced a new kind of Epic Quest that will put your gardening skills to the test. Each step in these Quests will take place on the same lawn, but the difficulty of the Zombies you encounter will go up each time. We can't wait to see you overcome these new challenges!

Wider and Wilder Wild West

Like the Zombie With No Name, Zomboss has rolled into town with a newly upgraded War Wagon for a few brainz more. With him have come new, fast-drawing Zombies who itching for a showdown with the Plants. Get ready for an all new battle across the dusty lawns of the Wild West, in these new levels!

Returning Events

With this latest update, these three fan-loved events are rising like the fundead to return to PvZ2 again! Be sure to check them out:

  • Beghouled Beyond, with plant-swapping goodness, July 31 - August 6

Time Twister, featuring the spicy Wasabi Whip, August 14 - 23

Big Brainz, with giant swollen heads, August 24 - September 4

In-Game Inbox

Be sure to check out our newly added Inbox when you play Plants vs. Zombies 2 to keep up with all of the most important news. In the Inbox, you'll be able to see information on updates - like this one, that you're reading right now - details about featured Plants, and more. It's now easier than ever to keep up with everything going on in the game.

We hope you enjoy these new features and returning events, PvZ fans! We can't wait to hear from you.

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