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Arena Seasons and What You Need to Know

In our latest update, 7.3, we’re bringing to you Seasons!

What is a Season?

A Season is a set of Arena Tournaments lasting 4 weeks. Over the duration of a Season, Crowns earned playing Arena matches go toward progress for Season rewards, which may include seed packets for Premium Plants. Seasons Progress is profile-specific.

What are Season rewards?

Every individual season will have its own set of unique rewards that changes each season. There are different rewards such as various amounts of coins, gems, pinatas, and mints, but  there will also be Season Grand Prizes which will often be seed packets to unlock and level-up exclusive premium  plants.

In addition to Season rewards, players can still receive rewards after each Arena match through win streak rewards, as well as at the end of each tournament via tournament end rewards.

What happens to getting rewards in win streaks, etc?

We’ve revamped the win streak where  each time you complete 7 successful wins in a row, the streak resets. Rewards in 7 win streak slots have been increased to account for the update, and the overall cost to retain your win-streak has also been decreased. And you can still of course earn rewards at the end of each weekly tournament, per normal.

What about leagues, are they affected in the change?

With every Tournament you will still be promoted (or demoted) as eligible through the various leagues during a Season. The usual thing will happen if a player happens to go inactive for 5 or more weeks - a single league demotion due to inactivity.

Worth noting, your current league progress will NOT be reset upon updating to 7.3.

Does this change the gameplay of Arena matches?

Not really! Your Arena experience will be mostly what you’re used to now however we are adding in a new mode into Arena called Boosterama where all plants on the lawn are boosted (like they’ve got all the Plant Food, all the time). We will also have a special surprise for the last week of each season so keep an eye out for that.

Some changes to take note of are that starting from May 6, PST, Tournaments will begin on Mondays (PST). Also you will see some 3 or 4 day length tournaments to add a bit more fun and variety into the mix.

Given these fresh changes we’ll be keeping a close eye on how they go and continue to tweak and change where necessary, but we hope you enjoy these new levels.

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