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Shadow Peashooter Sprouts in Plants vs. Zombies 2

“Phoot,” Shadow Peashooter says, emitting a shadowy, ah, hmmm, I guess you could call it a pea, at a distant zombie. "Uph!" gasps the zombie in evident surprise. There's a lot going on under the surface between these two.

Joining the Shadow family of Plants, Shadow Peashooter has joined the lawn as a Premium Plant! Shadow Peashooters are shadow plants that fire, well, shadowy peas at Zombies. While their normal attacks might not seem too different from a typical Peashooter, when they’re powered up by a Moonflower, Shadow Peashooters fire a shadowy beam that pieces and slows targets in a lane.

As a tip, the slowing effect of that powered up beam will affect each Zombie it hits less than the one before it. This will cause Zombies to group together, making them very vulnerable to attacks from plants like Dusk Lobber!

Shadow Peashooters also have a similar ability to Grimrose: they’ll pull Zombies into the darkness if they touch the Shadow Peashooter. Like Grimrose, this will remove the Shadow Peashooter from the lawn, and if it is powered up by a Moonflower, it will be able to use that attack multiple times before being removed.

When under the effect of Plant Food, a Shadow Peashooter will create a projectile directly above it that waits for a moment before firing. This projectile will come in three sizes, depending on how many Moonflowers you have on the lawn, ranging from a 3x3 explosion, to a 4x4 one, to a full board blast!

Getting Shadow Peashooter

Shadow Peashooter is a Premium Plant, but you will be able to obtain it in a different way than how you have in the past. Over the next two weeks, Shadow Peashooter will be available to be unlocked by earning 250 seed packets for the Plant. There are a variety of ways to earn these seed packets by playing Plants vs. Zombies 2, so get in game and earn this awesome new Plant!

Sneaky Zombie Countermeasures

There’s rumors that Zomboss has had a devious scheme rolling through his head. What could it be? We can’t say yet, but knowing him isn’t likely to be some ham-fisted idea, and will no doubt put a new spin on things!

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