Solar Tomato Brightens up Plants vs. Zombies 2

Newest update brings an all new Plant, a new type of Epic Quest, and more

Get ready for the newest addition to Plants vs. Zombies 2, the Solar Tomato! This stunning plant has joined the battle against the Zombies in our latest update, which has also brought more returning events, a new style of Epic Quest, and more.

Solar Tomato

Solar Tomato wishes folks would just stop and enjoy the sunshine sometimes. "Stop," she says. "Enjoy the sunshine. Stop! Hold it right there! Don't move! I MEAN IT!!!

If you're hoping to up your Sun production while stopping Zombies in their tracks, then you won't need to look further than Solar Tomato. She does both! Solar Tomato stuns Zombies in a 3x3 area, causing each Zombie affected to drop 50 Sun.

Use Solar Tomato effectively to keep the Zombies from advancing down the lawn, while also generating enough Sun to put down powerful plants to knock them out of the fight.

More Quests, Returning Events and MORE

Big Brainz will rise again following this latest update, so get ready to show up those big-headed Zombies with your planting prowess. We're also introducing a new limited time Epic Quest: Inzanity! During these Quests, you'll be challenged with a fresh crop of organically-grown levels each day. Choose your plants wisely, and come back every day for a new trials and rewards.

When updating, you may also find that you have even more space available on your device than before. The PvZ team used their wizardry to further optimize the game, cutting the size by 20%!

We've also been pouring through your feedback on the recent high-scoring challenges that we featured as Levels of the Day. Thank you for letting us know what you thought about this new style of play.

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