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Zombies Garden Warfare 2’s Tale of the Taco

Get ready for a fiesta of fun with weekly community challenges and rewards from July 16 to September 2!

Gather close, powerful plant proponents and shuffling zombie aficionados. You won’t want to miss a word of the story that we’re going to unearth.. It’s time for the Tale of the Taco! Which is also our latest free* update.

What, we hear you asking, is the Tale of the Taco? As you might expect, it’s a story about a taco. What you might not expect is that it’s a story of a giant, magnificent, space taco! Created crazily by Crazy Dave and launched out into the outer reaches of the galaxy years ago. But now this crispy bit of genius is crashing back down – to land right on the Town Hall! Is chaos ensuing? Sure! But even better, the space taco appearance is creating a series of challenges that are going to unfold week-over-week in the Community Portal. If you survive and win through these, you might just save everything! And, as winners, get great rewards.

But What Is Tale of the Taco About, Really?

Beyond being about Crazy Dave’s taco love, and how sometimes everything goes wrong in even the most romantic stories, the Tale of the Taco is a festival of awesome Community Challenges involving variants of existing modes, with even-more-awesome rewards, all unveiled weekly from July 16 to September 2. There is so much amazing action happening that we can’t even explain it all. Instead, we’re going to show it to you, and then explain it!

Details on Each Tale of the Taco Challenge

Discover every challenge (or, chapter in our tale, if you will) below, along with the dates, and hints on what you and your PvZ pals can expect within this spectacular space taco soirée!

Rain of Flavors
Date Beginning: July 16
What the Heck is Happening: In this Suburbination variation, ice cream cones rain from the sky in random places, exploding on landing, but leaving behind joy and chaos.

Taco Panic
Date Beginning: July 23
What the Heck is Happening: Capture the Taco mode is back! But – and here’s where the panic comes – they’ll just be a single taco.

Dairy Disaster
Date Beginning: July 30
What the Heck is Happening: Dig into this Turf Takeover offshoot where capturing a point leads to molten cheese pickups, toxic auras, and better health. It seems impossible. But the impossible is becoming possible!

Hot Headed Rumble
Date Beginning: August 6
What the Heck is Happening: Calling all Soil Survivors superstars. Are you ready for the Berserk crazy setting (with lower health equaling higher damage)? You’d better be!

Devious Cheese
Date Beginning: August 13
What the Heck is Happening: As if cheese wasn’t devious enough. With this take on the Gnome Bomb mode, only zombies are attacking and they’re planting cheese traps! Cheese traps? Is nothing sacred to those dastardly zombies?

Snack Attack
Date Beginning: August 20
What the Heck is Happening: We’re not sure ourselves, to be honest. But it’s all about plants, snacks, progressing by collecting meal pickups, and entering the capture zone in this tasty Turf Takeover mutation.

Farewell Taco
Date Beginning: August 27
What the Heck is Happening: It’s the triumphant taco topper, as the traditional taco from  Capture the Taco  spawns around maps, providing a variety of buffs to the taco holder. Taco!

But What Can I Earn?

You’ll need to rally the community and work hard to reach taco-rific heights, save the day, and gain the rewards waiting in three Chests. Can you do it? We sure think so! And if you do:

  • Chest 1 Reward: 250,000 Coins
  • Chest 2 Reward: A Special Item (if you have the items already, you’ll get 250,000 Coins)
  • Chest 3 Reward: A Legendary Item (if you have the items already, you’ll get 500,000 Coins)

Anything Beside Tacos?

The Tale of the Taco is, admittedly, a moment one will sing about to their little Sunflowers until the end of time. But, we’ve also made some quality-of-life game improvements in this update to make your botanical battling even better, including better team balancing, shortened ring collapse times, an added ability to modify team sizes in Soil Survivor, and a few other behind-the-scenes fixes. And we ate a lot of tacos doing it all!

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