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Battle Boosters

Arenas Battle Boosters

What Are Battle Boosters?

Battle Boosters are new items that you can use in various arenas to either help your allies and hinder your enemies. They have various effects, from speeding up regeneration to granting a temporary shield, that you can use to alter the way you wage your war.

Where can players get Battle Boosters?

They are available as soon as you advance to the Desert of Destruction Arena. They are available as rewards at the end of Club War matches and are also purchasable at the new War Shop for War Simoleons.

Available Battle Boosters

Energy Pump

The more energy you have the faster you can spend it. The Energy Pump Booster will speed up the energy regeneration of the target city.

Energy Vampire

Getting bombarded by enemy attacks? Use the Energy Vampire booster and slow down the speed of energy regeneration of the target city.


Give a friendly city some cover from rain and other incoming disasters. The Umbrella boost will protect the target city from a set number of attacks. 


Stop a rival city in their tracks and leave them open to attacks with the Freeze Booster! Targeted cities will be unable to attack, but will still be open to being attacked.


Hit a rival city with the Jackpot Booster and coordinate with your allies to maximize the points you score in a Club War. Attacks against the affected city will give bonus points for a set period of time.


Was that disaster suppose to do something?!?! Grant an ally the Dud Booster and wath as enemy attacks get reduced points when attacking them. 


Compete in real-time PvP with Club Wars, where you strategize with Mayor’s Club members and declare war on other cities.

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