4 More Tips for Mayors

Every little bit helps when you’re building. Here’s a few more tips from the team crafting the ultimate SimCity mobile experience in SimCity BuildIt.

  1. When placing down a Park or a Specialization that boosts population, pay attention to how much it will affect your city, as the maximum boost per Residential Area is capped.
    - Jaakko Koskela, Senior Software Engineer

  2. When it comes to Specializations – Public Libraries, Universities and Casinos give you the best value.
    - Jure Sustersic, Product Manager
  1. Making long, straight roads is easier on traffic, helping reduce jams, but more expensive to upgrade than short ones.
    - Jaakko Koskela, Senior Software Engineer

  2. You can easily access the data layer of a service by clicking on any service building (e.g. Police Stations, Fire Stations) and clicking on the symbol next to the name. Switch between different service data layers by clicking on the small service icons at the top of your screen.
    - Antti Lepistö, Software engineer


This post was originally published on EA.com/news: http://www.ea.com/news/simcity-buildit-4-more-tips-for-mayors

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