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Team up. Win the battle. Rule the arena.

Hello Mayors!

Join together and challenge rival Clubs in brand new locales in the new Club Wars: Arenas!

Team up. Win the battle. Rule the arena.

What are Arenas?

Arenas are new locales for you to engage your Club Wars matches in. They will take you everywhere from lava scorched landscapes to cities in the sky.

Each new Arena you enter will have new rules that you will play by (adjusted health and energy regeneration rates) and brand-new Battle Boosters that you can use to aid your allies and hinder your enemies.


How can I play in the new arenas?

If it’s your first time playing Club Wars or you haven’t played too much you will likely start off in the Mountaneous Mayhem Arena. This may be familiar as the previous standard for Club Wars matches.

If you have played a bit of Club Wars already you may have gained enough Elo for your Club to start in the Desert of Destruction!

As you raise your Elo score you will reach a new arena to battle your rival Clubs in. 

Desert of Destruction


What is an “Elo score” and how do I raise it?

Your Club’s Elo score is a measurement that helps us match your Club with an equitable opposing Club (one with a similar Elo score).

As you win in your Club Wars matches your Club’s Elo score will climb higher and you will unlock new arenas to battle in.

If your Club loses, you will lose Elo and you may end up dropping down to a lower level arena..


What are Battle Boosters?

Battle Boosters are a new strategic resource that you can use on various arenas to either help your allies or hinder your enemies. They have various effects from speeding up regeneration to granting a temporary shield, that you can use to alter the way you wage your war.

Battle Boosters are a great way to help your Club members as you play together. Coordination between all your Club members on how to best utilize Battle Boosters will be vital in mastering this new aspect of Club Wars.


Where can I get Battle Boosters?

Battle Boosters are available as rewards at the end of Club War matches and are also purchasable at the new War Shop for War Simoleons.


What Battle Boosters are there?

There are currently 6 Battle Boosters available in the game and they will do things that can affect how you approach Club Wars.

Learn more about the different kinds of Battle Boosters and how to use them here


Why can’t I use my Battle Boosters?

Each Arena has a different set of Battle Boosters that will be available to use (if you have a Battle Booster, but can’t use it in a Club War, you might have to wait until you advance to a new Arena).

If a Battle Booster is usable in the Arena you are in, make sure you have the Battle Booster in your inventory to use.


What is the War Shop?

The War Shop is a new Club Wars focused storefront where players can purchase Club Wars items (Disasters, Battle Boosters and War Materials) using the new War Simoleons.

War Shop


What are War Simoleons?

War Simoleons are a new form of currency that is rewarded from Club Wars matches and used in the War Shop.

Want to learn more about Arenas, Battle Boosters, and the War Shop?

Learn more with the articles below:

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