Competitive PvP Battles

are Coming to SimCity BuildIt

Hello Mayors!

Club Wars is arriving soon! Be ready to battle your way to victory with other Mayor's in this exciting new real-time PvP mode for SimCity BuildIt!

What will I be doing in Club Wars?
You'll be unleashing crazy disasters on enemy cities, earning the spoils of war, collecting Disaster Cards, and upgrading them for even more powerful attacks!

Will I be playing alone?
Nope! As every good general knows a single soldier doesn't win a war! You'll need to work, strategize and coordinate with your entire Mayor's Club to emerge victorious!

Working together you and your Club will need to chat, trade, and attack together in order to emerge victorious!

When can I play?
General Vu’s finishing up all the final details as we speak (discovering ancient tombs, catching giant fish and growing carnivorous plants isn't easy), and Club Wars will be available next week, October 10th!

What will I need to play Club Wars?
To participate in a Club Wars, you’ll need to be level 18 and part of a Mayor’s Club.

If you’re looking for a Club try searching the hashtag #SimCityClubs on Twitter or Facebook or check the comments on one of our Mayor’s Club recruiting posts on Facebook.

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