New Landscapes, Bridges and Animals

Head to the Countryside with

Hello Mayors!

Spring has arrived! SimCity BuildIt is celebrating the season with three weeks of nature-themed content, perfect for transforming any City into a pastoral retreat. New picturesque landscape items will become available every week for the next three weeks. Here's a sneak peek of what's coming up for you and your City.

Starting today, you'll be able to enjoy the countryside with the Old Farm, the Sheep Field, and the Horse Ranch. These buildings are all animated, so you and your residents can pass the time watching sheep moving around in their pen, horses practicing some tricks, or crows circling a calm field.

On April 27, you can bring some wilderness to your City with the Deer Forest, the Bear Cave, and the Rabbit Meadow. These animal habitats can be added to any area of your City. Regardless of whether you decide to surround them with rivers and trees or to shake things up and invite bears to live next to City Hall, these animals are ready to make themselves at home.

Lastly, beginning on May 4, two new bridges and the charming Old Watermill will arrive. Like the previous buildings, the Old Watermill will be animated so you can watch the water wheel spinning peacefully while fish splash happily in a small pond. The Stone Bridge and the Covered Bridge are the perfect thing to connect your new rustic neighborhood to the bustling downtown you've already got in progress.

This update is available for free to all SimCity BuildIt players. Try it out today, and be sure share photos of your City with us on our official Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages!

SimCity BuildIt can be downloaded for free from the App Store, Google Play or Amazon.

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