Lights, Camera, Movie City!

Movie-themed buildings have arrived in SimCity BuildIt, just in time for awards season. Beginning on February 22, explore brand-new Movie City Parks and Entertainment buildings. Then on March 1, complete your City's new look by competing in Season 3 of Contest of Mayors for special-edition animated Movie Sets.

Put Your City in the Spotlight

Movie City is a live event that introduces three Movie City Parks and three Movie City Entertainment Buildings, including an Outdoor Cinema, the Walk of Plumbob, and a fancy Awards Auditorium. Now your City's residents can roll out the red carpet in style, or have a casual evening at the cinema. You'll actually be able to watch the screens flicker and change while your residents have their night on the town.

Compete in Contest of Mayors, Season 3

Each season of Contest of Mayors introduces unique, special-edition buildings that you can earn by competing against your fellow Mayors. This season, you will be able to win and construct exclusive animated Movie Sets in your City! Each set is based on a different genre of film, including sci-fi, horror, and romance. You can sign up for the season beginning on February 22. The season kicks off on March 1.

Bring on the popcorn!


SimCity BuildIt can be downloaded for free from the App StoreGoogle Play or Amazon.

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