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Regions: 3 New Areas to Expand Your City

Hello Mayors!

It’s time to go beyond the mountain and explore brand new Regions! With three new distinct maps, each with their own theme and unique buildings, it’s up to you to turn these blank slates into thriving cities.

Take a look at each of the three new regions below:

Cactus Canyon

This desert is far from deserted. Build a warm but bustling city for your Sims who are enthusiastic about their vehicles, there is no better setting for a road trip than within this gorgeous canyon!

Green Valley

The grass IS greener on this side. Build a modern, but eco-friendly city in this lush river valley!

Limestone Cliffs

These lush green fields and hills are buzzing with the vibrant sounds of summer forests and meadows. Build a city with irresistible combinations of natural beauty, delicious street food, and culture of kinship.

Learn more about each new regional map including their unique Residential Zones, Specializations, Service Buildings and Crafting Materials here:

How can I play Regions?
To unlock your first Region, you need to reach level 25 in your Capital City. You’ll be able to preview each new Region using the ‘Preview Map’ button which will show each of the maps in all their splendor. Just tap the road sign button in your game, in the bottom left corner and get going!

Which Region should I unlock first?
The choice is yours! Each region offers its own unique style and design as well as giving you access to regional production items that you may need in your capital City.

Keep in mind, once you have chosen to begin building in any given Region, you need to meet certain criteria before you will be able to unlock the next one!

Below is the criteria required to unlock each new Region:

1. Region: Capital City Level 25
2. Region: Total Regional Population of 250,000
3. Region: Total Regional Population of 1,000,000

Want to learn more about Regions and the individual maps?

Take a look at the in-depth FAQ article

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