Top 5 Tips for New Mayors

Ever sat in bumper-to-bumper traffic and thought, “I can do better than this?” SimCity BuildIt lets you put that theory to the test, challenging you to design and maintain the metropolis of your dreams.

Creative Director Petri Ikonen shares his top five tips for new Mayors.

1. Plan Ahead

Prepare and plan your service demand before zoning new Residential Areas. For example, I put down the roadwork, place Fire, Police and Health Services, and then make sure I have enough room for Parks and Specializations. After that, I start working on the Residential Areas.


2. Space it Out

Keep some parts of your city as low-density areas. The trick is to use the new “Skip” option to guide upgrade actions to other areas.


3. Build Smart, Look Good

The better the Services and Specializations you have in your city, the better looking buildings your Sims will build. From time to time, I bulldoze my older looking towers in order to get better looking buildings erected in the high-wealth areas.

4. Fix Gridlock

Got traffic jams? Change the locations of your skyscrapers to decrease density. If that doesn’t work, try removing intersections to create longer roads, or adding more intersections.


5. Specialize and Grow

A good way to get a nice population boost is to mix up multiple Specializations in one area. Sometimes I move or bulldoze Residential buildings in order to add Specializations. The end result is a larger population.


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