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Community Transmission: Elite Corps Update

Incoming Transmission

We’re back for another Community Transmission and this time around, we’re going to be talking about the Elite Corps Update, which is due to arrive on August 29th.

Let’s dive straight into what’s coming.

The 41st Elite Corps, or Elite Corps as they came to be known, were a division of the Republic Army that were involved in many iconic battles during the Clone Wars.

Toward the end of the Clone Wars, Elite Corps were present at the Battle of Kashyyyk. Alongside Jedi Master Yoda, they came to the aid of the Wookiees on their home world. Other notable appearances were on Geonosis, where the Elite Corps were sent to assist Anakin Skywalker in retaking the planet.

The 327th Star Corps were known for their distinctive yellow markings on their armor. Led by Jedi General Aayla Secura, they would take part in multiple battles across the Clone Wars. Notably, they were part of the Republic force that were defeated on Quell, despite the arrival of Anakin Skywalker.

The new Clone Trooper Appearances will be priced at 20,000 credits or 500 Crystals each and available for Assault, Heavy and Specialist classes for the Galactic Republic. If you’re looking to pick up all three appearances for each corp, then you’ll be able to take advantage of a bundle that costs 40,000 credits.

In the next update, you’ll be able to purchase Emotes and Victory Poses for both Heroes and Troopers alike. This has been an often requested feature, so we’re really pleased to see it’s release into the game and look forward to seeing what you get up to with your new Emotes.

Hero Emotes and Victory Poses will cost 2,000 Credits or 50 Crystals each. Trooper Emotes and Victory Poses will cost 1,000 credits or 25 Crystals each.

The Theed Hangar on Naboo is a bit of a favorite amongst the community, so we’re pleased to confirm that we’ll be making it available to both Blast and Custom Arcade.

Ewok Hunt has been a favorite amongst the community since its inclusion with the Night on Endor update, and there’s been a lot of talk surrounding its temporary nature.

As part of the next update, Ewok Hunt will be here to stay as a permanent game mode within the operations menu.

You’ll now be given a breakdown of your score, eliminations, assists, deaths, your longest kills streak as well as overall placement on scoreboard, your combat placement and your objective score placement and weather or not you’re on the winning team. Remember, always play the objective.

A new tile in the Home menu will allow for quicker matchmaking into Clone Wars related maps on Galactic Assault. By selecting that tile, you can prioritize matchmaking for Clone Wars - era maps. However, if a match is not currently running on any of those maps, you will get to play into any other Galactic Assault map. This is our first steps to help improve matchmaking in the game. We are constantly working on improving our systems, and strive to achieve progressively better matchmaking going forward.

Back at EA Play when we announced that Obi-Wan Kenobi, General Grievous, Anakin Skywalker and Count Dooku were set to arrive in Star Wars Battlefront II, one of the common questions we received revolved around their pricing.

Today, we can confirm that we are targeting a price of 35,000 Credits for each of the new heroes.

We came to this price by using our in-game telemetry data to determine the speed in which players are earning credits, as well as the average amount of credits that each player has saved up. What this tells us is that for newcomers, or players with a credit balance of 0, it shouldn’t take too long to earn the credits needed and for veteran players, you most likely have enough credits already or are very close to reaching that amount.

You will notice in the release notes that a fix for the x2 Bonus Multiplier is not listed. This is because the x2 multiplier will be removed in an upcoming update as part of the Squad System.

Because of this, we will be lowering the Battlepoint costs for all Heroes and Units across Galactic Assault. Below you’ll find the old costs and the new costs.

These new costs will be active once the Elite Corps update releases on August 29th.



In terms of balancing, we have addressed multiple issues in this update.

Extraction in Jabba’s Palace will have some changes. While playing as a Rebel, you will now notice that the spawn positions have been adjusted.

On Death Star II, we have fixed an issue that allowed players to reach an area behind the armor racks.

On Bespin, players were able to jump onto one of the buildings while playing as a force hero or Boba Fett. A change has been implemented to stop this. A similar issue was present on Kashyyyk, with players able to use Boba Fett’s jetpack to reach places other players could not. This will no longer be possible once the update arrives on August 29th.

There was also an issue at Jabba’s Palace where Boba Fett could stand on one of the ledges and was not easily accessible to other players. This has also been fixed. Sorry, Boba! There’s nowhere to hide now.

We'll be releasing the full release notes in the coming days, stay tuned for those.

The next Roadmap update will arrive next week. In this update, we’ll break down the seasons (Fall, Winter) and provide details on future content to expect month by month.

Battlefront Captures is a community over on Reddit that pride themselves on the creation of some of the best Star Wars Battlefront related content that you will find.

It is a great place to visit if you’re searching for a new desktop wallpaper. Check out their recent Clone Capture Contest to see what they are all about.

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