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4 Things You Wanted to Know

After the STAR WARS Battlefront II Trailer

First Order Stormtroopers marching across Starkiller Base. A lone TIE fighter navigating the deep-space graveyard of the shattered Death Star. Darth Maul igniting the twin blades of his signature lightsaber. These moments are just a few of the scenes revealed in the Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II trailer. Since Star Wars Celebration, we've gotten quite a few questions about just what you can expect from the next great Battlefront adventure. Some of the answers will have to wait for EA PLAY in June, but we've found four common questions that we're happy to address right now.

Am I playing as the Empire in the single-player?

Yes. Your Star Wars Battlefront II journey unfolds under the shadow of the Imperial defeat at Endor, and you'll experience subsequent events through the eyes of a loyal Imperial patriot struggling to save a dying cause. Commander Iden Versio and her fellow Inferno Squad troopers are the elite commandos of the Imperial war machine. Your missions alongside Iden and her companions will carry you through skirmishes, battles, and dramatic encounters on multiple worlds, and Iden's odyssey stretches across two eras of Star Wars storytelling as she witnesses the collapse of the Empire and the rise of the First Order.

But there's more to the story. You'll also be meeting some of Star Wars' greatest Heroes in the single player campaign. You’ll take control of these Heroes as their paths cross with Inferno Squad.

I keep hearing Star Wars Battlefront II will be bigger? How much bigger?

In addition to the completely new story campaign, Star Wars Battlefront II's multiplayer has more of just about everything. More Heroes, more vehicles, more eras, more battlegrounds, more customization, and more progression options are just the beginning. There’s enough of the rich and wonderful Star Wars galaxy to keep you deeply immersed for a long, long time.

What’s it like to play as a trooper in Star Wars Battlefront II?

Trooper and soldier combat in Star Wars Battlefront II is now class-based, with an entirely new progression. You'll earn upgrades as you progress through a class, unlocking new abilities. Additionally, as you advance in experience, you'll gain access to new weapon mods, special improvements which allow you to tweak your arsenal exactly to your liking. At EA PLAY we'll be digging more into this, but rest assured that it's a good deal deeper than what you experienced in the first game.

All three eras? How does that work?

The multiplayer element of Star Wars Battlefront II includes planets, locations, Heroes, vehicles, and weapons from the Star Wars Prequels, the Original Trilogy, and the new era. Troopers will match the aesthetic of their respective time period, with Battle Droids in Theed, snowtroopers on Hoth, etc. For those of you who want to live out dream battles between Star Wars' most iconic characters, some modes will support era-crossover play for Heroes, allowing you to set matchups between familiar faces from different time periods. Want to pit Yoda against Kylo Ren? You can do that.

We know you have many more questions, and we're eager to answer them as the summer unfolds. For the latest up-to-the-second updates keep your eyes on the EA Star Wars Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram channels, and definitely make sure you tune in to EA PLAY. You won't be disappointed.