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Halloween Blog

Mwahahahellooo Simmers!

Sul, sul!

Mwahahahellooo Simmers! It's the spookiest time of year and The Sims Mobile are haunting the latest update with brand new Halloween-themed content filled with mystery, magic and superstition!

Halloween Haunt Event Re-Run

With our magic cauldrons at the ready, players will be able to start the Halloween Haunt ‘Trick or Treat’ quest re-run. You’ll be required to earn candy corn by undertaking LlamaZoom tasks, take on a series of Halloween activities, plus complete the Haunted Home quest. Along the way, you’ll earn a massive range of milestone prizes - like spooky furniture for your Sims homes and head to toe ghoulish outfits. Be sure not to miss out on the Mystic’s Table grand prize!

‘Treatsylvania Haunt’ Sweet Treat Showdown Details

The bakery venue in Parkside will be overturned for a spooktacular Sweet Treat Showdown challenge! Enjoy a frighteningly fun event filled with cake challenges perfect for trick or treating! The grand prize rewards include a standing coffin bed and gothic hairstyle. Other milestone prizes include a range of 17th century-style vampire outfits, evil decor items like a regal chandelier, vampire table and chair plus a single bed for your Sims homes.

You’ll even receive a hanging artwork painting of one of the developers from The Sims Mobile!

We’re also continuing to adjust the Sweet Treat Showdown, based on your feedback. Here are some notes from our developers:

  • We’ve standardized the token costs of Sweet Treat Boxes:
    • Sweet Treat Boxes will always cost 400 Sweet Treat Tokens
    • Royal Treat Boxes will always cost 10 Royal Treat tokens
    • Up until now we had been adjusting the box prices to balance the overall difficulty of each event, taking into account the total number of boxes required to get the grand prize. However, this was confusing and did not make for a good play experience, so we’re going to make sure to keep box prices consistent from now on.

The Halloween Sweet Treat Challenge starts Tuesday 15th October 10AM PDT.

Dia de Muertos!

Celebrate the Mexican public holiday, Day of the Dead, from 25th October, by unlocking an exclusive pack that includes a fun selection of bright Latin American heritage outfits, colourful skull masks and spooky items to decorate your Sim's homes!

Thanks from The Sims Mobile team - we hope you enjoy our Halloween update!

Download The Sims Mobile on the App Store or Google Play today. And while you’re at it, be sure to follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with all the exciting changes coming your way.

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