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Sweet Treat Showdown Update

The main focus for this one is a new type of Live Event...

Sul, sul!

Oh Simmers, we missed you! The team has been working away diligently and are pleased to be able to share our next update with you all. I’m happy to say today is the day! The main focus for this one is a new type of Live Event...

Sweet Treat Showdown

The Sweet Treat Showdown is a new reality TV show in SimTopia, where your Sims get the chance to bake off against professional chefs for a chance to earn fancy prizes! The host of the show  – Patty Cakes – will be there to guide your Sims through the event.

There will be two Sweet Treat Showdown live events this update – the first will be featuring a “Country Living” themed set of prizes, and the second features a “Charming Gardens” themed set of prizes!


Here are some details about how the Sweet Treat Showdown works:

  • Gameplay:
    • We’ve added a new gameplay feature called the “Sweet Treat Challenge,” where your Sim gets to bake-off in a special bakery venue in Parkside against a professional chef.
    • In the challenge, your Sim must overcome a series of rounds, baking a fancy pastry or dessert in each. Your Sim gets to engage in risk/reward style gameplay – play it safe and claim the prizes from the early rounds, or take some risks and go for the juicy rewards from the later rounds!
    • This is the best place to earn Sweet Treat Tokens and Royal Treat Tokens. However, you can still earn these from the other events available in the activities tab.
  • Prizes:
    • There are two prizes for the event – the Sweet Treat Box has a large selection of prizes, and then the Royal Treat Box has a smaller selection of even more rare/valuable prizes. Each are purchased with a different type of token earned throughout activities within the event.
    • Prizes no longer award duplicates! This means you’ll always earn a new prize or variant each time you open the box. After opening it enough times, you’re guaranteed to get every prize.
    • There’s a Grand Prize! The grand prize is awarded once you’ve earned the contents of both prize boxes.


Other Changes

Secret Agent and Surgeon Quests
Similar to the Photography and Internet Icon quests, Secret Agent and Surgeon quests have been set up to trigger based on player level – level 12 and 17 respectively. Any player who hasn’t completed these quests will get a chance to try them at these levels, and for anyone above these levels, they will trigger when the update launches (one at a time).

Wumples’ Wishlist Quests
Expect more this update with some all-new prizes!


We have also created a Sweet Treat Showdown FAQ, which you can also find posted in our news section! Hope you enjoy the update, talk soon Simmers!

Vix xo


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