Aim for greatness!

Take your best shot with a blend of luck, skill, and joyous thrills in Peggle Blast! Clear the orange pegs as you rack up bonus points, and hit style shots that'll make you smile for weeks. Learn from Peggle Masters and harness their powers to score big in peg-popping challenges. From the makers of Plants vs. Zombies and Bejeweled, join the millions who adore the magic of Peggle.

Simple Controls

Smile-inducing Tension

A Fantastic Adventure


Really fun! I love this game, it’s very fun and addictive!


One of the best games for your phone. This game makes me happy.


Easy casual gaming. A total blast!


Master Peg-Popping, Rainbow-Exploding, Puzzle Magic

Bring the joy anywhere, anytime with every high stake shot and mighty near miss!

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