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What is EA Playtesting?

We want you to come play our games and give us feedback. Every Playtest is different and at the end you get a reward as thanks for your time.

How to Sign Up

Here is information on eligibility and Playtest schedules.

Getting to the Lab

Find detailed instructions on how to get to the lab and what to do once you arrive.


Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your questions about EA Playtesting.

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Playtesting Schedule

Once you become a member, sign up for a Playtest available in your area. Our schedule is updated regularly so check back often for new sessions. We'll always have something new so keep applying!

Playtest Date Location Duration Status Nov. 15/16 Redwood City, CA, USA 1 hour Closed Nov. 15-16 Vancouver, BC, Canada 2 days (6hr/day) Closed Nov. 16 - 17 Guildford, UK 2 days (7hr/day) Sign Up Nov. 16 - 17 Stockholm, Sweden 2 days (7hr/day) Sign Up Nov. 17 - Dec. 3 Remote/Online 2 weeks Opening Soon Nov. 17 Redwood City, CA, USA 8 hours Sign Up Nov. 17 Vancouver, BC, Canada 8 hours Sign Up Nov. 17 - Nov. 23 Remote/ Online 7 days Sign Up Nov. 21 Vancouver, BC, Canada 6 hours Sign Up Nov. 21 Orlando, FL, USA 45 minutes Sign Up Nov. 21 Stockholm, Sweden TBD Opening Soon Nov. 22 - 23 Montreal, QC, Canada 2 days (8hr/day) Sign Up Nov. 22 Vancouver, BC, Canada TBD Opening Soon Nov. 23 Vancouver, BC, Canada TBD Sign Up Nov. 28/29 Orlando, FL, USA 1.5 hours Sign Up
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We have locations all over the world! Check the schedule and see if there's a lab near you.

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