Dance, sing, create! Play to an all-new beat in this all singing and dancing game where you create and customise your very own Boog, and then take the stage to become a star.


Controls That Make You Shake & Move

Bring your Boog to life with the innovative, motion-based Wii controls. Dance, shake, and move with the Wii Remote while controlling your Boog's upper body movements and facial expressions with the Nunchuk. Mehr erfahren

Make Your Boog a Star

Choose one of the Boogs and customise their look. Mehr erfahren

The Music Reigns Supreme

From rock to pop, disco to funk, Boogie will have you singing and dancing to an all-new beat. Mehr erfahren

Party It Up

Fun mini-games, co-op gameplay, head-to-head battles, and karaoke party makes Boogie the perfect party game and a complete entertainment experience. Mehr erfahren

Your Moves, Your Voice, Your Video

Capture your best dance moves, record your voice, and make your Boog a star with the easy-to-use editing toy. Change camera angles, add effects, and create the ultimate music video. Mehr erfahren


boogie Screenshot

boogie Screenshot

boogie Screenshot

boogie Screenshot