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Battlefield V: In-House Challenge

The best Battlefield V moments submitted by EA employees

Community Spotlight/Inside EA

At EA, people from all over the world work together to inspire the world to play. One attribute that binds us together is that we’re passionate gamers, and to showcase that we recently held an in-house Battlefield V Moments Challenge.

Spanning three categories—Most Artistic Screenshot, Wildest Only in Battlefield Moment and Best Squad Play— employees from all disciplines were encouraged to capture and submit their best Battlefield V footage. Ranging from in-game photographic shots highlighting the Northern Lights of Nordlys, or gameplay capture taken from Grand Operations, and with so many submissions (over 90 pieces of individual content!), it was hard to choose the winning screenshot and videos. That’s why we are not only going to present you the winners, but also some other submissions that amazed us.

This is Battlefield. This is the Best-of!

Most Artistic Screenshot

The prize for the “Most Artistic Screenshot” went to Senior Motion Designer Dylan Leeds from Sacramento, California, for his mesmerizing screenshot “Still Hope.” Dylan has been part of the EA-Family for more than three years now and has played Battlefield for more than 14 years. He utilizes 2D and 3D design, animation and editorial to create video-based content for the marketing efforts of EA. A position that surely helped him with creating the screenshot: “I create cinematics with a wide variety of characters and environments in my daily work. Storytelling, composition, lighting, and image processing are all part of the gig!” Nonetheless, it wasn’t easy for him to create the perfect screenshot. He took over a hundred screenshots, ultimately choosing “Still Hope” (below) because of “its unusual vertical form factor and striking focal point”. His image explores “the juxtaposition of life and death and spectacularly shows how life and hope find a way to survive, even when surrounded by destruction.”

Wildest Only in Battlefield Moment

Senior Quality Analyst Brian Sebastian from Orlando captured this unique scene titled, “Not Something You See Every Day.” The war rages on the bridge, while Brian shows off some great sniper skills without being spotted, until he comes upon something unexpected...

Best Squad Play

When it comes to helping people, Chad McGinley from our Austin office is an expert—in-game and also at EA. His position as Social & Community Support Specialist sees him help players daily with all types of queries: “It’s a rewarding experience helping players with the games they love and also hearing their suggestions for making our games even better.” Chad, a Battlefield veteran since Battlefield 1942, enjoys helping his teammates with multiplayer combat, as you’ll see in his winning video captured on the Arras map.

Honorable Mentions

We gathered many more great screenshots and videos and would like share some of them with you. They demonstrate the graphic fidelity of Battlefield V.

Julian W, Game Advisor

Felipe Paris Braz, EAX Senior Software Engineer, Vancouver) - Tirailleur

Eric Neugebauer, Quality Designer, Vancouver - Tirailleur

Daniel Catalin Vica, Associate Software Engineer, Bucharest - “Overwatch” - Nordlys

Dylan Leeds, Senior Motion Designer, California - “Outnumbered” - The Last Tiger

Dylan Leeds, Senior Motion Designer, California - “Scorched” - Tirailleur

Lars Minkkinen, Quality Analyst, Stockholm - Hamada

Ivor Sangala, UX Designer, Vancouver - “The North” - Nordlys

Alex Cho, Cinematic Designer, Austin - Hamada

Ivor Sangala UX Designer, Vancouver - “Exiting the Valley” - Nordlys

Marian Mihai - “Good Spot” - Narvik

Brandon Kidwell, Assistant Producer - “Elite Solo ambush” - Devastation

Andrei Frangulea, Software Engineer - “Taking down a camper tank” - Rotterdam

Brandon Kidwell, Assistant Producer - “Overwatch” - Arras

Mitch Loan, Senior National Account Manager - “Inside Job” - Rotterdam

Brian Sebastian, Senior Quality Analyst - “Hold the Line!” - Twisted Steel


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