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Battlefield V Combined Arms

Squad up with up to three friends and overcome eight missions against enemy AI.

Arriving on February 13 with Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes is Combined Arms, a permanent Battlefield™ V co-op experience where you can bring friends to challenge AI enemies and improve your skills before jumping into multiplayer. You can play solo or squad up with up to three friends to tackle eight PVE missions set behind enemy lines, with four different objectives across four maps.

Your progress in Combined Arms applies to your Company, meaning experienced players have an extra way to level up and earn Company Coin. Likewise, this is a great place for newer players to practice and grow their Company outside the rigors of multiplayer. Regardless of where you fit, Combined Arms is another fun way to earn XP and Company coin with friends.

Starting a Mission

Once you select a mission, players can adjust the difficulty from easy to hard, choose the desired load out from their existing Company, and deploy. Each mission presents a different challenge, and we encourage you to try other loadouts or difficulties for a different experience.

Mission Types

There are four mission types you’ll encounter based on which of the eight missions you play. All demand a different degree of planning and tactics from your squad, which shift depending on the map, squad size, and level of difficulty selected.

  • Assassinate – Select enemy soldiers are marked for death, and you gotta take them out. Remember that you’ll be standing on deadly ground, as enemy forces are alert that their fellow soldiers are under siege and will make your targets hard to kill.
  • Eliminate – Go commando and clear an area of foes. Whether your squad barrels in as an infantry eraser or moves like a predator behind cover, your gun barrel will glow with red heat when it’s all said and done.
  • Destroy – Similar to Battlefield V’s Frontlines mode, you are tasked with capturing a point from enemies and then destroying their artillery for a double impact.
  • Steal – Draw first blood in a war of intelligence as you loot the enemy of mission critical documents. Prepare an escape plan because things may get rocky if the enemy learns you’ve made off with their goods.

Each mission ends with an extraction phase, where your squad must fight to reach a location, fortify the area in 30 seconds, and then survive a wave of enemies for the final three minutes. Let's detail the four missions below.

Eight Missions

Combined Arms is Allies against Axis, played on regular versions of the Rotterdam, Twisted Steel, Hamada, and Arras maps. Each map has two independent missions to choose from. Select the difficulty level, pick your Class and loadout from your Company, and listen to a quick mission brief. You’ll never spawn in the middle of combat and enemies will start in a non-combat state.

Complete the mission objective and extraction without getting Squad Wiped to win. Let's look at the two missions and mission types for each map below.


  • Harbor Headquarters (Assassinate)
  • Market Sweep (Eliminate)

Twisted Steel

  • Riverside Guns (Destroy)
  • Bridgehead Blockade (Eliminate)


  • Desert Declarations (Steal)
  • Hot Pursuit (Eliminate)


  • Bricks and Mortars (Destroy)
  • Escape Plan (Assassinate)

Play with Friends

Combined Arms is playable alone, but we encourage you to take on the missions with friends. Like multiplayer, invite your friends using the squad join feature on your respective platform to bring in whoever is online and launch Battlefield V together. A reminder that if you go solo or are as a squad of less than four, you can’t fill your squad with AI soldiers.

Combined Arms Rewards

Earn Company Coin and XP just by playing. Daily Orders will be also available for Combined Arms as another way to earn rewards.

More Missions to Come

Players will have eight missions to keep them and their buddies busy and can expect additional missions in the future as part of Battlefield V’s Tides of War.

Jeff Landa (Follow Jeff on Twitter @JeffLanda)

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