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What About The DLCs? Your Burning Questions Answered

Take a good look at the eight main DLC packs from the year of Paradise that’ll be coming along for the ride with Burnout Paradise Remastered

Burnout Paradise™ Remastered

We know you’ve got a lot of questions about what cars and content from the original DLC packs will be in Burnout Paradise™ Remastered, so let’s go ahead and put the pedal down and dive in.

All of it. All the cars, all the events, all the content. Plus the eight main add-ons from Year of Paradise are in there. The Time Savers Pack is out, but that just unlocked all the existing cars. It was basically a cheat code. Who even uses cheat codes now?

So just to recap, the eight main add-ons from the Year of Paradise will be in Burnout Paradise Remastered. You’re welcome.

Here’s the full list of included DLC packs:

Big Surf Island

New challenges, discoverables, and events, along with nine new vehicles abound as you head out to discover the huge Big Surf Island district for some race and relaxation.

Cops and Robbers

Hit the throttle for justice as you play both sides of the law in the Cops and Robbers Pack. Adds a new online game mode along with police variations for 33 of Paradise's original vehicles.

Legendary Cars

Four of the greatest automobiles ever to grace Paradise City come together in the Legendary cars pack. Includes the Carson GT Nighthawk, Hunter Cavalry Bootlegger, Hunter Manhattan Spirit, and the Jansen 88 Special.

Burnout Bikes

Who needs four wheels when you can race, stunt, and crash on just two with Burnout Bikes? Includes four motorbikes: FV1100, FV1100-T1, Firehawk V4, and Firehawk GP Competition.

Burnout Paradise Toys

Take the remote control on these irresponsibly fast toy cars in the Toys Pack. Includes toy versions of the following cars: Hunter Cavalry, Hunter Manhattan, Krieger WTR, Jansen P12, Hunter Takedown 4x4, Carson GT Concept, Hunter Citizen, Carson Inferno Van, and the Nakamura Firehawk GP Competition Bike.

Burnout Paradise Party

Step into the hot seat with the Party Pack and pass the controls in couch co-op to complete challenges with friends.

Boost Specials

Get behind the wheel of the Carson Extreme Hot Rod or the Montgomery Hawker Mech in the Boost Specials pack.


A vanload of new modes and challenges await in the Cagney update – along with the Carson Hippy Van. Includes two brand new vehicles and additional "community" vehicle finishes.

Burnout Paradise Remastered is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Don’t get left at the starting line – get your copy today.

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